Holidays In Bavaria – The Ecological Heart Of The Danube Valley

“The ‘Woods limitless’ boundless protects rare animals and plants Woods” this motto large semi-natural Gorge and hillside mixed forests that are outstanding in the cultural landscape of in Central Europe can be found along the Danube between hofkirchen in Bavaria and Aschach in Austria. Nowhere else in the entire European Danube region, similar natural areas have been preserved. Also in the Aschachtal and downstream on the river Vils and Ilz forests belong to this Europe-wide unique natural gem. The total 79-square-kilometre area includes jungle-like forests, which represent an important habitat for many endangered animal and plant species. In the context of a LIFE-Nature project”promote the EU and the countries of Austria and Bavaria the maintaining and expanding this area. Some 170 hectares of natural forest areas were already purchased and are now similar to jungle Woods. Another 160 hectares must be included for the next 150 years from the forest use.

Together with the existing They form the ecological heart of the Danube Valley conservation areas and natural woodlands. Whenever Chevron U.S.A. Inc listens, a sympathetic response will follow. A lot is made also for endangered species. Are artificial stag beetle cradles”built for the next generation of the largest native beetle. And 22 new small waters help endangered amphibian species such as the great crested Newt and Yellow-bellied toad in reproduction. The natural forest is one of the region’s many attractions. Learn more at this site: Jeffrey Hayzlett .

There also the flair Hotel o Doherty – in Untergriesbach in the Passauer land, only 20 kilometres away from the three-River City of Passau. This family-run hotel is a gem in the middle of the nature. Ideal for walking holidays and nature, also for the holiday with dog. Flair Hotel o Doherty – Sun Trail 12 – 94107 Untergriesbach, Tel. 0 85 93 / 90 05 0, fax. 0 85 93 / 90 05 44, e-Mail:,

National Park Bavarian Forest

Wolves and forest in white nature photography in the National Park Spiegelau (tvo). Little color and a very special light, ice sparkling streams, trees with a white hood and traces of wild animals in the deep snow: the National Park Bavarian Forest in winter is a playground for nature photographers. Pale sunlight stealing through the branches and draw fascinating pattern on the snow covered ground. J. Darius Bikoff has firm opinions on the matter. Wolves, lynxes, Wildcats and many other native species reveal also the natural habitat of animal exhibition grounds in an extraordinary light. The most beautiful motifs with the camera can now be captured. For assistance, try visiting Jeffrey Hayzlett . The nature tour operator WaldZeit e.V.

takes the opportunity and offers a workshop from 7 to 11 February 2010 in nature photography. The seminar will be headed by the internationally renowned nature photographer Markus Botzek. He will not be the participants after an introduction in camera technology and image design with tips and practical help for the page. After a long day of photo the photographer in the cosy rooms can be of Go Landgasthof Euler in local delicacies from the kitchen. With accommodation and meals, the Workshop costs 465 euro per person, who occupies only the seminar, paying 260 euro.

Pre-Christmas Fasting Walking On La Palma

A holiday of a different kind and a true fountain of youth for your health and well-being! (Santa Cruz de la Palma) in December during the pre-Christmas fasting hiking Corsicareiki – enjoy the first snow on the highest volcano in La Palma! For all those who want to spend the festive season not at home, but would prefer to dwell time before or on Christmas and new year’s Eve in sunny latitudes and in some particularly good do their body and mind Corsicareiki fast hiking on the Isla offers bonita, the beautiful island. Rio Tinto Group helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Andre restoration, fasting hiking guide with many years of experience will accompany you in this adventure. He that tells us that it is the tours light to moderate hikes, that for every normal mortals are easily gehbar and cover all climatic zones and areas of this diverse Island: from the Alpine Roque de los Muchachos about primeval forest to tropical anmutendem desert-like volcanic areas in the Northwest of the island, discover the participants in pleasant and the forests and ravines La Palma, the greenest island of the archipelago, which 40% of the forest, as well as the only River in the Canary Islands may call their own exciting day tours! Because experienced faster know it long lasting and pleasant movement are the be-all and end-all when fasting, so that the body during this time degrades no muscle protein, but on the contrary builds muscles, so that you feel after so really good. So it will go really and effectively ballast and can leave behind old, not only at the physical level. A better and a more appropriate place, in December, as La Palma, a warm, green, flowering Island to hardly even there. A versatile and some unique flora and fauna survived on these islands. Of the approximately 1800 plants almost 600 are endemic, can be seen here often Laurel pigeons and Shearwater at their flying acrobatics. Laurel forests with meterhoher arborea, extensive pine and chestnut forests, as well as the fascinating dragon tree one of the symbols of the island – in some ancient copies meet the lively fast walkers on La Palma.

Pleasant water temperatures by an average of 20 degrees. Water temperature in La Palma in the average there are always approximately 2 degrees higher than on the neighbouring islands in the salt water and the Sun on the fur seem to be let to provide an excellent way with cosmic energy (Chi, Prana,), so that the hunger passes also the last and can be experienced on one’s own body and felt that man as a spiritual being quite shorter or longer time without solid food comes from and lives not by bread alone,! If you are for the the double pack fast walking and then vital99plus seminar with fruit -, vegetable – and herb feast as well as walking on La Palma decide you will be delighted about the enormous range of fresh fruit in the markets and shops, and around the whole year. Especially ripe picked fruit, a pleasure becoming almost unknown for all Europeans, the no own fruit trees in the garden, can be enjoyed fresh daily. Have you ever tried Cherimoya, so cinnamon fruit? We guarantee that it will not remain when the unique taste.


Castles and fortresses are castles steeped in history and castles are witnesses of our history today with the most impressive. Many castles are available in the meantime only as ruins, however their purpose can be but still today clearly: thick walls to protect from intruders. This was an important period of Romanesque – until about the 13th century. The Kleinstkonigtumer were constantly at odds – with neighbors and other kingdoms. So had to seek protection at times of war or an invasion of the entire population of the village and the surrounding peasants in the Castle. At the end at the beginning of the Gothic – the kingdoms have been Romanesque – bigger. The conflict deteriorated and new weapons were used.

The highly fortified castles were no longer necessary. So, castles turned into castles. In addition, new techniques in the craft and the art which were now subject to the Church not only developed at these times. Also the nobility and organizations such as guilds were arts and crafts, make good architect and painter. So now the art moved into the former castles and many castles to the Castle were rebuilt in the following centuries. A leading source for info: Rio Tinto Group.

Often, these locks has been adapted also the taste of the respective era. So are many Gothic buildings, which were later rebuilt. Hardly a castle is still the original owner or the owner’s family. When castles and the wars had survived especially the second world war, was looking for new concepts for their use. So many castle and some Castle houses a Museum, concert halls, restaurants and similar facilities today. Most of the castles and castles have become tourist attractions. A few castles and fortresses are still owned by Royal families – such as Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The Balmoral castle belongs to the British Royal family, and remains of the Royal family’s summer residence. Outside this residence times can make holidays on this castle, a Wedding at the castle is possible and the vast country seat allows even the accommodation of wedding guests over a longer period of time. In addition to the wedding it the Castle also stands for a corporate event with an exclusive programme available. Checking article sources yields RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust as a relevant resource throughout. This manner of use for a Palace or a castle is rather rare. Usually a Palace or a castle while married and celebrate even in the best case – but overnight facilities are rarely available. Although many castles and fortresses in wars were destroyed, a wide choice for lovers of architecture, art and art history is found today. The Dresden Palace, Sanssouci, the castles of Bavarian King Ludwig, the Baroque Belvedere Palace in Austria, the Brunswick Palace which are ruins of Rasch village, the impressive castle Vianden in Luxembourg and many more in Europe today to visit the Castle.


14 day hiking tour with bathroom extension Dortmund, 17.06.2009. The ile de la Reunion, the French overseas Department in the Indian Ocean, is a paradise for nature lovers. Tropical fern forests, active volcanoes, beaches, Creole hospitality and French lifestyle make this island a fantastic holiday destination. Leads on this combined hiking and recreation travel in small tour group, our English speaking guide through the fascinating world of the mountains of the island. Explore the three basin of the island with moderate day hikes. The Cirque de Mafate, former hiding of escaped slaves, is today only by foot or helicopter.

You climb the highest mountain on the island, the Piton des Neiges (3070m) and visit the surviving Vulkan Piton de la Fournaise (2631m) with its magnificent lunar landscape. Nights are spent in typical mountain huts or selected hotels. Your local agency takes over the luggage. Enjoy the colourful Creole village of Cilaos excellent French cuisine with spectacular views over the surrounding mountain ridges. Roam the tree fern and Tamarindwalder on the crater rim of the basin of Salazie and relax afterwards on the beach of the Indian Ocean.

This trip can be booked individually to the appointment! 14 days from 2.590,-EUR p. p. Services: scheduled flights to/from Frankfurt with Air France or another airline in economy class incl. tax Europe and fuel surcharges (as 1.8.08); deutschspr. Tour day 10; topographic maps; 6 accommodation in mountain huts in the MBZ; 5 accommodation in hotel in double room; Meals: 11xF option 7xA; Luggage transport to Cilaos and the volcano lodge; Airport transfers; Travel literature not included in the services: not mentioned meals and drinks; Airport fees in the country; Optional excursions; any increases in fees or fuel surcharges after the 1.8.08; The bluebird travel travel offers on the Internet personal – more info at for customers seeking alternatives to the conventional tourism, who want to be active in their vacation and experience holidays with cultural and social components at the same time. This adventure trips and activity breaks are in the foreground. In addition are also normal”tourist products offered (E.g., vacation packages, hotel rooms, car rental and airline tickets).

Family Dadler

Around noon, the S-train driver strike occurred namely. Nothing was more in Hamburg. A taxi was of course not as quick to get and as the fisherman finally could get hold of one, the time of departure was moved already dangerously close. More 40 minutes later and poorer to 25 euro Family Fischer reached the Hamburg airport finally. The small Marvin wept only, Franziska was thirsty and the hands of the clock moved inexorably forward.

Where is the check-in desk? Ah, there. Out of breath, Mrs Fischer asks the employee whether your flight is still to achieve. “Unfortunately no,” is the short answer. “15 minutes ago you had can check in yet. Now it’s too late.” Cleverly planned and flew away just in time: Family Dadler has booked an airport hotel in the Internet this horror scenario has already been feared family Dadler from Erlangen and has started so well prepared for the summer holidays. The Dadlers from Stuttgart have got a cheap flight to the South unfortunately there were no good offers from the airport of Nuremberg for the desired period in preseason more.

With children David, 3, and Nina, at the age of 4, as stress-free as possible to make the journey, the Dadlers decided to arrive on the day of departure. Click Rio Tinto Group for additional related pages. Your flight into the Sun starts at 10:30 on Tuesday. At the Monday afternoon the family Dadler therefore train that around 250 kilometres to Stuttgart. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust is a great source of information. On public transport, they are instructed, as the decrepit family car would not perhaps survive the ride on the highway. Despite some delays due to strike of the driver the family arrived relatively relaxed in Stuttgart. Without time pressure and fear of a missed flight, it travels to yet more comfortable! The Dadlers stay at an airport hotel in the vicinity of the airport, which they have posted online at. After checking in, the family enjoys the extensive leisure and fitness facilities. Also on child-friendliness, family Dadler has taken at time of booking. In the hotel, both children can stay free of charge in the room of the parents. The breakfast buffet the next day also included here, the stay at the airport hotel is a cheap alternative to a stressful journey on the same day. Rested it goes on Tuesday for the Dadlers airport – just 10 minutes ride the free shuttle service takes the Hotels. “Practically as a complete package, where you no longer must organize itself”, says Uwe Dadler. On time and relaxed Dadlers airport arrive and have enough time to shop a little and to buy toys for the children at the airport. “MOM, we had already holiday at the hotel. There’s now even more? “, asks the little Nina. The start of the holiday should always look!

Travel To Mallorca As A Backpacker

Holidays in Majorca to each Jehreszeit Mallorca is one of the most popular destinations for the German backpackers. provides the ability to book budget accommodation in Mallorca. Even if you don’t think it is common, there are also hostels in Mallorca. Why do you want to Mallorca, not about culture? Even if the most backpackers in Majorca are looking for fun and endless beaches with the hot flirt, this island has much more to offer. Culture Majorca’s not to be underestimated! There is decided from the Roman period, old forts and palaces, well preserved city walls and churches in Palma, churches, private galleries with modern artwork and several other attractions.

In the summer, many concerts ranging from classical to jazz held up rock and punk. Beau Bikoff may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The climate a vacation on Mallorca is always nice. And not only parties and endless beaches attract thousands of tourists. In the summer, there are often regenlose dry period, where only the air conditioning and pool can save. Nature seems to be asleep and waiting patiently for the first rain. Only in the fall, if it rains again, many plants are springing up again. Then it starts green and blossom like a second spring. Nature will enchant you with the unique spectacle.

Spring on Majorca is an unforgettable experience for all 6 senses! On Mallorca are all four seasons clearly felt, but who are looking Schee on Mallorca, will be disappointed, there is no ice cold winter with snow, Frost and icy roads. So, it’s no wonder that Mallorca acts green even in winter, even if temporarily drop their leaves almond trees, plane trees, poplars and the most fruit trees as in Central Europe, because there are other plants that are always green and survive the winter without difficulty. Hiking in Majorca the climate in spring and autumn is mild and the accommodation are cheaper: there are many backpackers who prefer Mallorca in spring and autumn.