Magalhes Coast

Altina Magalhes Coast the man to satisfy its necessities and to facilitate the daily one to it already invented the most varied instruments. The wheel was one of these and there it came the industrial car of ox, machines, the airplane, and throughout its history they had been as many inventos. Thus with the objective to get rapidity and efficiency in the solution of the problems, generally complex calculations; to store data and great amounts of information; to search the information quickly; to diminish the number of people to carry through a work, the man invented the computer and computer science. Everything this made with that it thought about developing powerful and agile more modern machines each time, that could assist it to improve it certain works. It is observed that the necessities of the computer always are atreladas to the time that this infers to carry through a task, thus consuming little time and little money. This objective work to present the basic components of the computer and to reflect on what computer science propitiates in the educational field, of the work, the leisure. The same it makes excellent consideraes on the subject as well as offer interesting orientaes so that if it can make a purchase of a good computer.

Of the first computer in 1946 – the ENIAC – until today this invention he evolved in a surprising speed and the designers use to advantage the last new features of the electronic technology to construct more modern projects, sophisticated and efficient to take care of to the diverse interests and necessities of the current society. The computers are classified by the transport: (great) mainframes, (average) minicomputers, (small) microcomputers, these divided in two categories: desktops and the portable ones. All carry through identical functions, but in different scales. They are classified in terms of processing capacity; speed of the processing and volume of transactions; sophistication of available software and compatibility; size of the memory and type of CPU.