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Inform first – then finance! Important information about online finance are struck on the search for the right property and want to know quickly and easily, how much is the monthly burden? This is the fastest with a financing comparison portal. Has proven the so-called traffic light system; Green (all OK) yellow (monthly income too little), red (financing not available) who has not ever seen that an almost perfect purchase, finally failed due to the financing. Many banks not a mediation to engage without sufficient equity. The customer is disappointed! Therefore it applies also for estate agents, property developers, consulting firms, financial services etc. from advantage, such comparison portals in the daily business. Some tools can be easily integrated into your own homepage, so the customers have access. Brings additional visitors.

Interest rates are on the absolute low point. Therefore the same exploit the favourable interest rates. Interest rates are very different in many banks. Often, the online options are better than the regional banks. Brokerages you pay high interest rates, while you have considerable interest savings from direct banks. It eliminates a large bureaucracy and the branch network.

That pleases the customer. To quickly and easily find the right conditions, they should use the free services on the Internet. Depending on the provider, no fees apply for the customers. Just anonymously fill out the input fields and learn the course in about 5 minutes. The comparison shows you the amount of interest, the total cost of the credit and the amount of the monthly payments. System financing allows you to compare over 60 banks at the same time! The amount of interest depends on the loan amount and the term. Many banks also determine the amount of interest depending on the creditworthiness of the applicant. When sufficient credit rating, interest rates are similarly low. The comparison shows the interest margin in such banks. You are satisfied with the offer, you can directly apply online for the desired loan amount. The processing time is 2 working days for system financing. To save time, effort and money. Keditantrag fill out and confirm with a mouse click. Request print and sign and submit it with the required documents to the Bank. The money in the account is in 2 days. Gabriele Schulz


Green person whose predominant color of the aura is green, has a special charm, something that makes you feel very close to others, being common to find in people who possess this color of how dominant aura, a clear inclination toward professions such as medicine or healing. They suffer a lot if they cannot help anyone else, why put endeavours to achieve what can be a help to others, and usually get. If the green color of the aura, is not the predominant, he will be showing us a stage of some sensitivity at the universal level, where the greatest illusion lies in being able to do something for any global cause, in addition to manifest greater security at a personal level. On the downside, the person whose predominant aura colour is green, it could become a person lacking all sense of piety, as well as manifest an elevated selfishness and irritability. Blue person whose predominant color of the aura is blue, presents great capacity for interpersonal communication, as well as demonstrate your high-level idealistic, and sincerity, though this might cause you some inconvenience. They are extroverted people, and possess certain intuitive faculties. When the blue color of the aura, is not the predominant, you will be indicating that you go through a phase of maximum personal safety and well-being, as well as sharing with others all what may be of interest.

Conversely, the negative aspect of the color blue, the person could appear as highly unstable, from happiness to sadness, and in cases where they can be influenced, appear related to depression or stress stadiums. INDIGO the person whose predominant color of the aura is indigo, demonstrate great ability of affection and understanding towards others, being their greatest quality the ability of understanding and the Council to others, made that worth the affection of all who surround him. Like the blue color, has a great capacity of intuition, while he also knows to find the balance between logic and feelings.

Los Angeles

Depletion of the ozone layer, retarding solar radiation caused rapid growth in the incidence of melanoma. People die from new varieties of malaria, tuberculosis and cholera, against which antibiotics are powerless to all. "… and will be … earthquakes in various places … "Over the past 30 years the world has seen so many large earthquakes, but for the past 2000 years. Only in the first half of XX century there were 33. In the next 40 years, 93 major earthquakes claimed the lives of 1.300.000 people in around the world.

We are entering a new era in seismic activity. The Bible clearly predicts that in the last days of earth will stagger like a drunken, the city and the tower will fall. January 17, 1994 earthquake in the 6.6 points in Los Angeles has caused Damage to the $ 30 billion. Projected to seismologists, the next earthquake in California will be much stronger. "And because iniquity shall grow cold in many love." Today lawlessness is multiplied as never before. No one denies that love between people has cooled.

In the world of 85% of all marriages end in divorce. While science shows conclusively that: human life begins at conception, every year during the abortion kill millions unborn babies in the womb. In God's Word says: "shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters …" (Psalm 105:38). Every day, the world's average life is interrupted by 15 thousand children. Another important prophecy was prophet in 534 BC "But thou, O Daniel, shut up these words and seal the book until this last time, and many will read it, and multiplied conduct." It is hard to imagine how multiplied conduct in our time.