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The Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest aspiration. The Islamists consider, that if ever a Muslim, or a descendant from a Muslim father, ruled in some place, that place becomes automatically Islamic domain forever. According to this view, countries that were ruled by Muslims, cannot return to be lay or another religion, but the Islamic. That is the lethal European problem where live 54 million Mohammedans.

Spain (Al – Andalus) has been invaded by a million Muslims. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Brian Armstrong on most websites. Soon to be the Latin American problem, where prevails the case of Argentina (which was ruled by Menem, son of Muslim father), also from Ecuador, Belize, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Honduras who were Presidents of Arab origin. United States under the Obama Government will enter into the list of countries that belong to them, because the father of Barack was Muslim and he also according to Muslims. Apparently controversially, in all his actions, Barack Obama who avoided using his Arabic middle name Hussein, during his presidential campaign, and he accused his opponents of racists and play dirty if they did it, he asked the oath is taken to assume the Presidency with his full nickname. The message to the Islamic world is clear: we’re in power!.

Venezuela is the main ally of the Muslim terrorists in Latin America along with Bolivia, Nicaragua, Cuba and Ecuador. The Triple border (Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina) is base and refuge for Islamic terrorists. Unusually diplomatically, but not surprising politically, if one knows who is the real Lula da Silva, Brazil is giving its support to Hamas, together with Cuba, Russia, Libya and Venezuela. Brazil’s Lula organized the Forum of Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo, where were drafted and the modern fascist left pro Islamist extremists adopted documents. There are 300 million Americans; one per every five Muslims. So that in the war for Western security, the proporcionalidades in the casualties are politically correct, by every American killed by a terrorist, United States should kill five Muslims. There are 15 million Jews. By each that the terrorists murder, Israel should eliminate 100 Muslims to be flush. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, from 2000 to 2004, Hamas has been responsible for the murder of 400 israelis and injured more than 2,000 in 425 attacks. Of agreement again to proportionality in response demanded by the UN and others, Israel has the right to give death to 40,000 terrorists. original author and source of the article.

Burn EMule Videos

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How to burn to DVD with DVD Creator for Mac? Once you view downloaded the program, follow the set up wizard to install it, and then insert a blank, recordable DVD disc into your computer s DVD burner drive. Step 1 Load eMule videos Drag and drop videos directly into the program, or just load them from the Media Bower (iMovie /iPhoto /iTunes). The loaded files will be shown in thumbnail at the file list. You can merge, split or rearrange them by dragging and dropping the thumbnail freely as you like. Step 2 Edit eMule videos (Optional) Highlight a file and click Edit to enter the edit interface. The built-in video editor lets you crop, trim, rotate, add watermark and apply special effects to videos.

Create personalized videos in your own style. Step 3 Burn eMule videos to DVD Click on Burn button, there will be a window with four output choices: DVD, ISO file, DVD Folder (Video_TS) and .dvdmedia file. Select the output option as DVD disc, name DVD disc and save the settings. Once everything is ready, click on Start button to burn DVD Mac from eMule videos. Tip: Save the settings as a project output file which can be loaded for further editing and burning. Thus you will not need to set the same output every time. After a few minutes (the time depends on the length of your videos), you will enjoy the burned DVD without quality loss or flaws.