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We lose the confidence. Click Jeffrey Hayzlett to learn more. Trust is a basic principle of nature that supports the survival and development of the species. We found it in the newborn birds who expect food from their parents. The same happens with newborn children, who have an inherently unconscious confidence: expect that their mothers deal with the basic needs of food, shelter and love. Jill Bikoff may not feel the same. That confidence, that is so essential, may be broken or betrayed from conception. Pemco is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It is important to mention that this idea of betrayal not only applies to the relationship with other human beings, but to the relationship with oneself.

Many times, the betrayal of oneself is more painful and difficult to forgive that betrayal that comes from others. It is interesting to think that in the essential register energy, that we have in DNA, flow certain natural and universal principles that work for life on Earth. Do not know of studies that prove that, DNA, carry not only the physical characteristics but also the fundamental principles of the psycho-spirituality of the human being. But, I have no doubt that it contains something more than physical, organic and genetic information. In this sense, to be created, could come printed on our internal records, certain natural expectations on principles as love, trust, sincerity and naturalness. The majority of adults we rejoice seeing how these principles are manifest in young children that, in addition, often us remember some values that we are hiding with time.

It usually happens that, these simple principles, are breaking in the interaction with the important figures in our lives. In addition, from small come to interweaving them with confusion, disappointment, distress and pain caused by the betrayal of those principles. Thus, we are going away from the natural, and started to create defence mechanisms to protect wounded; mechanisms, in many cases, based on self-deception which, in turn, serve to mislead others.


This is perhaps one of the most repeated questions among people who suffer from tinnitus. This symptom characterized by the perception of a permanent ear ringing (though sometimes perceived as if the sounds were in the center of the head), is a problem that afflicts many people in the world and is a symptom produced by an infinite number of possible diseases and factors. One of the most common reasons why tinnitus patients arrive at the medical consultation is the inability to concentrate on work, study or in the most basic daily tasks to root of the annoying buzzing sound in the ear that prevents focus attention on something else other than that incessant sound. After consultation with the specialist and having reached the correct diagnosis of associated disease, often tinnitus (also called tinnitus) is impossible to delete remaining as a chronic nuisance. In these cases the patient will not have another remedy that live with this problem trying to cope with it in the best possible way. When East disturbing permanent ringing in the ear does not stop and is not dimmed with time, should tackle the problem from another perspective, where the main goal is to teach the patient to live with your problem and mitigating the negative effects of the same. Psychological therapy often provide very good results, especially in what is known as cognitive behavior therapy. This is a therapy developed initially for patients with depression, anxiety disorders, chronic pain and insomnia.

Psychological therapy provides support to both conscious and unconscious patient helping to bring to the minimum the perception of the permanent buzz in your ear and attenuating the most serious side effects of this symptom such as lack of concentration, insomnia and irritability or bad mood. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.

Fortuna Carlos

Fortuna Carlos Slim, according to Forbes magazine, has a fortune of 53.5 billion dollars (53.5 billion U.S. dollars), which places him as the richest man in the world. In 2008, Carlos Slim stood as the second richest man in the world, after Warren Buffett. However, the same Forbes magazine article states that “Slim’s fortune is in controversy, as it has managed knead in a country where per capita income is 14,000 per year plus 41 of the population lives in poverty. Critics claim that it is a monopoly Telmex to prop up the controller as 90 percent of the market. ” Citation needed Building Telmex in Mexico City, located next to the ecological reserve Cuicuilco. Since the eighties it was a very successful entrepreneur, and most important in Mexico. 1982 was a critical year in American history.With the debt crisis, nationalization of banking and finance virtually paralyzed the country, Carlos Slim and his Grupo Carso is proposed to invest in an intense and active. Thus, in this period made several investments and acquisitions, including Cigatam (Philip Morris Mexico), maker of Marlboro cigarettes, among others, the acquisition proved to be the first and most important one, since cash flow was and allowed the group to have sufficient liquidity to take advantage of opportunities that were taking place, thus expanding the purchase of major companies, including: Hulera the Centennial, Bimex, Hoteles Calinda and Reynolds Aluminum. Then he bought the stake in Seguros Mexico, and this is how it shapes what today is Grupo Financiero composed of Casa de Bolsa stock market investors, Mexico Insurance and Bonding The Guardian.He also bought: Graphic Arts United Paper Mills Loreto y Pena Pobre, and most of Sanborn and its subsidiary, Denny’s, the company also acquired Minera Frisco and Business Nacobre and Euzkadi tire companies and General Tire. In 1990, Telmex acquired, along with France Telecom in France and SBC Telecommunications of the United States, the only company that provided fixed telephony services in Mexico (which administers the State until that time.) Telmex Carlos Slim Helu purchased during the privatizations of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari. The sale was made through a public auction on December 9,1990. One requirement was that decisive majority ownership remained in Mexican hands, and that is why, the Mexican stock control groups, the largest was headed by the Grupo Carso, whose majority shareholder is Carlos Slim.After the privatization of Telmex some people commented that Slim bought under the price, the enterprise value of approximately 8000 was 500 million and Slim and investors paid approximately U.S. 1,700 million because only 20 percent bought Telmex. This 20 percent is the package sold by the government, since the rest of the shares remained in the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores. This operation was public, documented and auctioned, with the investor group led by Carlos Slim offered the most money for the purchase of shares of Telmex control AA competed prominently three major Mexican groups and over 12 foreign groups interested in Telmex, but its offer was lower. Telmex now leads the telecommunications market.In the period between 1991 and 2006, Telmex has invested in the Mexican telecommunications infrastructure the equivalent of U.S. 27.692 million, and adding Latin American operations, has invested over 30,000 million dollars in the last 16 years. It is also the owner of America Movil, which is a very good example of creating a company’s value as 35 000 customers have phones when it was privatized (1990), America Movil happened to have in 2008, over 170 million cellular subscribers in Latin America being the pioneers and inventors worldwide prepaid system cellular phone, a solution that revolutionized the Mexican market, Latin American and global mobile sales. The prepaid system, called Amigo Telcel, born in April 1996. Today, America Movil is the world’s fourth largest with 170 million subscribers in Mexico and Latin America, surpassed only by China Mobile, Vodafone, China Telecom.On March 12, 2007, the newspaper El Universal reported that “the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) today confirmed that the telephone rates in Mexico are still lying among the highest in thirty countries that make up that body internationally.


The attraction law has come and to revolutionize the thought years in the last, although these principles date for centuries, nowadays it is had an enormous amount of information that helps us to have a greater understanding and practical application of the attraction law, without a doubt of which the era of the information comes to give the tool to us more powerful than the man can have, which is the knowledge, with opportune information we can literally transform our world. The fundamental principle in that the law of the attraction is based says that we attract with our thought everything what arrives at our life, then everything what we are, have, do, experimented we must to the attraction law, really this is truth? Not indeed as normally it has been explained to us. In traditional approach of the attraction law it has an enormous disadvantage and it is to assume that external factors to our world exist, from a logical point of view and conscious this works of that way, our cat, the people, the plants, all the creation we see generally them like aspects outside us, for that reason we thought that those things ” atraemos” but he is not thus, Andrew Corentt explains east aspect to us in detailed form in his book I I AM HAPPY, I I AM RICO, you you will include/understand here once and for all that the world is an extension of same you, of that then way yes is possible to exert the control of the circumstances, when reading this book you will be able to include/understand how she works and the power in its life is programmed. A leading source for info: The Hayzlett Group. He is not to think that the attraction law does not work, in fact yes does, the important thing is to emphasize some aspects that us can prevent a correct use, the problem to think about ” atraer” it is that it will always leave us in a disadvantageous position because in fact does not exist an absolute control of the things, on the other hand when we understand that we are the creators of our reality, our world, the responsibility falls totally to us. First that you must make to accede to the power it is to include/understand that you have created absolutely everything in his world, this has realised it a traverse of the mental programming, its internal dialogue and ideas that has been deepened in their being, the fabulous thing is that yes we can change the power information who is in our subconscious mind, in the book I I AM HAPPY, I I AM RICOquedanclaramente settled down the steps necessary to transform our creation according to our conscious desires, this task requires a high commitment with the change ideas because the illusion of the separation is so persistent that many succumb before her and finally they finish accepting that they cannot accede to the power. The great secret for a good application of the attraction law is to take our creative roll, at the beginning is not possible to control nor the smallest details, but little by little, it is increased the energy conscious to construct all type of circumstances according to our will, the absolute superiority is difficult to obtain, but the important thing is to manage to materialize and to harmonize all our dreams and to have a full life of peace, love, espiritualidad, abundance and health..