Ivan Sidorov

'Oh, you parasite, oh do, damned' – wailed old, but damned parasite from my own experience knowing that Grandma was available only two mops, broke even in a somewhat unseemly posture. About the number of mops Barsik was absolutely right, but he did not suspect about arsenal boots. Slyly smiling in anticipation of revenge, grandmother knead hands do the rotational motion, and gave a volley of three boots in a row. All three of his boots hit the target, one of them even Barsik. Another ricocheted off of the head experienced painter, caught off guard by his disciple, but the third flat boots hit the back of the janitor, who nadegustirovavshis prize moonshine, tired of intellectual games, and vacationing nearby in the sandbox. Both Painter Napoleon, while he was away in the store for bread. Napoleon was ordered to sit still, but the instinct which is aroused in him the rapid movement of a cat in space, was too strong.

And here they were running three: Barsik, Napoleon and bike, last ran reluctantly, as a loud ringing. Ivan Sidorov, along with his daughter went to buy her something nice birthday, happy, and they returned home. Daughter clutched in his hand Japanese toys 'Tamagochchi', and Ivan bore the outstretched arms of enormous size cake. Then they crossed the street cat. The girl cried my father: 'Beware of the cat', then 'Beware of dog', to which Mr. Smith genially replied: 'Yes, I see', then caught on the leash of Napoleon, but did not fall so far, and zabalansiroval cake, hopping on one leg, and would resist if it had not arrived in time bike. Like an enemy bunker covered an Ivan had just bought a cake.

Some passers situation seemed comical, and they laughed, but did so in vain, because Ivan was a big man. Getting up, he did not go into details, but began handing out slap to the right and left. Minutes later ten, he finished handing out slap and went on kicks. More than anyone else got Steklyashkin, who openly resented and all wanted to know by what right his kick, and Pete grader, ran to the noise and inquired of Mr. Smith during a brief respite, if he had not seen his bicycle and a dog. Already in the afternoon, tired of the daily hustle and bustle, the cat scratched his paw Barsik own apartment door number 35 on the ninth floor. Let him home, and the girl Lena, for which he treated with respect, because it is usually begging for his parents sour cream, but wrung her hands: "He at this time all white!". Resigned to the fact that the punishment he will wash Barsik sadly lowered his head. After two hours, and not washed, the cat sat on the lap of the hostess, who stroked it and kept saying: 'Well, where's she been? I'm worried, I think you crashed. " How good and comfortable at home, quietly purring on Barsik pleasure and gratitude for what you pet it, and thought: 'Why are some people so good and some bad? "

Italy System

Interactive correspondence with Avaloq banking system Red Cross, 09.03.2010. A fast, CI and CD-compliant customer correspondence for the users of the core banking system Avaloq banking system now allows the Assentis Technologies AG. The output management manufacturer offers an adapter for Assentis: DocFamily can be a software created with the documents such as business letters or credit agreements from the core banking system out very comfortably. With the solution can be pictured even workflows for letters, personalized documents, visualize content with diagrams or before sending an approval process started. In addition, missing data can be automated supplement directly from the Avaloq banking system. The communication between the Avaloq banking system and the Assentis: DocFamily modules is bidirectional and integrates seamlessly with your workflow. The user gets in the Avaloq banking system status information for all created and sent letters. The adapter allows also an end-to-end tracking of the Avaloq banking system correspondence including the file in the archive system.

In addition, such as CRM – or E-mail systems can be connected. The exchange of data and metadata is in XML format via the message bus of the Avaloq banking system. Banks operate much more efficiently through the adapter. Without the connection of the core banking system Avaloq banking system to DocFamily used usually only with Word. This lacks the necessary overview of the status of a document, and Word templates must be painstakingly maintained.

In addition a significant overhead, because batch and interactive documents in different systems are used. The adapter for interactive correspondence promptly removes these abuses and ensures speed and a high level of transparency”, says Assentis CEO Urs Tanner. The introduction effort of the solution is minimal and is almost out of the box”. The adapter for the interactive correspondence is the Avaloq banking system release 3.1 available. The multi-tenant solution can be used regardless of the region and supports Asian, Cyrillic, and Arabic characters. The solution allows for extensive design possibilities. Objects such as logos, text modules, headers and footers, or also signatures can be any embed and manage in a central repository. Assentis: DocFamily allows the adapter to increase customer satisfaction and retention through professional output. Also, also campaigns and TransPromo projects are supported efficiently by the standard software. Assentis Technologies AG: Assentis Technologies AG is a software house and innovative partner for the optimization of communication with documents. It opened its customers new ways to collaborate with customers, partners and suppliers. With its proven software solutions, the complexity of business communication is efficiently managed and maintained a high degree of individuality for the users. Assentis is in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Canada and the United States by partner companies or branches represented. The company counts among its customers as well as the leading supplier in the field of telecommunications, insurance, trade and production well-known big banks in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the United States. Contact address: Assentis Technologies AG Blegistrasse 1 CH – 6343 Rotkreuz, Tel.: 0041 / 41 / 790 91 92 fax: 0041 / 41 / 790 91 93 E-mail: Internet: PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH Mr. Markus Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: 06 11 / 2 38 78 – 0 fax: 06 11 / 2 38 78 – 23 E-mail: Internet: