Open letter the DEXTEROUS City hall of Caruaru-FOOT/Good afternoon, I would like to know what really the passenger will be made on the company of collective transport BAHIA. a nonsense to travel in a dirty vehicle, old (in the time of manufacture but the lack of he does not leave it to maintenance old), torn armchairs and much more. There he is known that they supply the vehicle with oil diesel and only pass a water without nothing of time in when. Vocs divulges fiscalization, fine, and more, however nothing it happens. Not dumb a new vehicle in nothing the situation of the population that lives in the Boa Vista GARDEN, line garden panorama, Boa Vista 2 and 1, lines of equal names to the one of the quarters. But a vehicle makes the line GARDEN PANORAMA, with intervals of more than one hour, in the line Boa Vista 2 they are 03 vehicles with irregular schedules and overload of work of the operators whom attendance generates plus an item in pssimo. I want to remember the vocs GOVERNMENT that the concession is publishes and exists law and regulation, and that the PEOPLE tires and when this to occur we will enter with civil action publishes against the CITY HALL and the OPERATOR. I only come by means of this to exclamar our indignation. I am thankful if to answer, but that they say flowery truths and words and verbetes to me politicians not to calm the population, it arrives of vocs corporativismo they are there with our vote, they respect our vote and our rights. Rodrigo Barbosa Nephew Popular Movement in favor of the Citizenship and of the Full Rule of law

Facebook Clean

This is a small basic guide to have the profile of the possible cleanest Facebook. Blogs has been created through discussions in several, different social networks and generally, many we have agreed in several points. Thus, after reading many contributions, me intention to share this compilation to them of 10 advice for a good maintenance of profile. 1. Cleaning of contacts. All the friendships are not for always. Except those of Facebook.

Perhaps you have aggregate to that companion of the faculty with that you shared a class in the degree, or that friend of quarter of primary that shared its lunch all the Tuesdays to you, Or these deciding or decided to reconquer to an O-Man woman. Whatever it judges (under your own criteria) if you still wish mantenerte in contact with that person. You think if it well, half of the people who follow probably no longer has nothing common with you. If you want to give a more personal use to your profile, leaves the indispensable thing. Less it is almost always more. 2. I know selective when accepting, courteous when soliciing It is had much discussed on accepting right and left to people. It is a question of sense common to know to those who we accepted.

In my case, I have to some habitual readers of blog like contacts of Facebook. But beyond putting a filter to add to us, we are proactive. When you send a request, you have the possibility of writing a personal message. salo! It writes from where you know another person, or why reason you want ponerte in contact. That small practice simplifies the life to him to the others. The courteous thing does not clear the social thing. 3.Los tastes change As well as they stop to us interesting some people, also our interests change.

Environmental Protection Office: B.a.u.m. E.V. Honors ForestFinance Awarded

Awarded excellent Bonn forest investment provider ForestFinance for environmental competition environment in the Office is an issue that businesses of all sizes should still heed, because paradoxically, even the paper consumption in the computer age has increased. With the competition Office & environment”the German working group for environmental management e.V. (B.A.U.M.) urged that German companies in the framework of a project funded by the Ministry of environment to fill in a questionnaire, which was then evaluated by a competent jury. The Bonn party of sustainable forest investments ForestFinance won it for his actively implemented environmental protection Office. The award honors us, because we attach importance to environmental protection as a socially and ecologically sustainable management company in every respect”, ForestFinance Managing Director Harry Assenmacher pleased.

Above all she is an incentive to get better for us.” Set an example ahead for more environmental protection Office: The Environmental protection in the Office is in the selection of material and device for ForestFinance of great importance. Here, Susan-Wojcicki expresses very clear opinions on the subject. So were purchased two expensive printers, which cause approximately 90 percent less waste. Both printers use not toner or liquid ink than color but a mixture of wax and resin. This is heated to only 90 degrees Celsius and sprayed the resulting liquid over the printhead nozzles onto the paper. Laser printers work, however, with higher temperatures, so technically due usually troublesome ozone is formed. Toner dust can cause problems in offices that do not have the new printer technology. Although these special printers in the acquisition much more expensive, but cheaper maintenance, and thus are a sustainable investment for more environmental protection Office. ForestFinance with around 30 employees refers to eco power also from the natural power AG and recommends this also.

An extensive waste separation and recycling, as well as use recycled or especially environmentally friendly products are also Business principle and contribute to environmental protection in the Office. From the calculation of the CO2 footprint for many companies by the ForestFinance climate protection subsidiary CO2OL is known that incurred the largest pollution almost always through the employees travel to the work site. Intensive Skype and Home Office use therefore greatly reduce employee trips. To perform unavoidable staff trips as environmentally friendly, ForestFinance encourages the use of usable also in leisure job tickets for public transport. Employees have to pay only a small price for a ticket that would cost otherwise well over 100 euros in the individual purchase. This has been achieved less than 15 percent of employees regularly take the car to the company an important aspect for the environment in the Office. Criteria for environmental competition Office & environment”: workplaces with respect to their environmental impacts generally apply as little problematic. But also in the Office, it is Impact on environment, for example, through energy and paper consumption. Inter alia the protection of the environment in the Office in the five subject areas were assessed Office Organization, Office equipment and materials, Office furniture, Office cleaning and disposal. More information about the competition Office & environment, see about ForestFinance: the Bonner ForestFinance Group specializes in forest investments, which combine a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability. Interested parties can choose between several sustainable forest investment products, through the afforestation see such as the BaumSparVertrag, a private tropical forest from 33 euro has monthly possible, ForestFinance forests, protected rain forests, CO2 for decades bound and newly created species-rich forests. The company currently manages sustainable for about 8,500 customers about 3,500 hectares of forest.

WEFRA Group Calls With WEFRA Digital Sixth Subsidiary In Life

After the successful market launch the course for the future are now Neu-Isenburg, April 2010 in the last three years, the new business field was digital communication”placed gradually on the market in the WEFRA publishing. The autonomy of this Division in the newly founded WEFRA digital Creativagentur for digital communication paves the way for the establishment of a successful and sustainable growth leaping into the House of the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt. True to successful agency philosophy of holistic communication from a single source is the oldest owner-run advertising agency of in Germany the increasing importance of digital communication into account. The re-establishment of an independent company is self expression of the WEFRA. So the Agency opts for traditionally powerful, manageable and specialized units, which combines a target: strategic integrated communication. In contrast to many agencies the WEFRA relies Group on the integration of Competencies.

“The Managing Director Matthias Haack explains this step as follows: we have implemented in recent years with many external specialists digital communication projects, but more and more determine that we could transport not the specific know-how and the required way of thinking and working in the WEFRA group in this model and implement.” For the customer, the benefits are according to h on the hand: Finally a trend-setting communication partners stand ready with the WEFRA group, which unite the entire keyboard of modern communications under one roof. “With the WEFRA digital the WEFRA positioning itself group in the most important growth market in the next few years – because: just as we meet our requirements for sustainable and efficient communication”, Haack illustrates. The WEFRA digital will act group in close cooperation and permanent communication with the other business units of the WEFRA in the internal as well as external communications. The performance spectrum ranges from the Development of online marketing tools, portals and corporate Web sites about the conception and creation of online campaigns to advice and implementation (search engine optimized) digital dialog systems. Also includes the range of offline applications for desktop and POI environments, interactive applications for mobile devices, performance marketing, and E-learning for field staff and physicians. About the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt: integrated strategic communication from a single source, this is the philosophy of the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt: combines six specialized agencies under one roof, are the guarantee of its sustainable implementation. Classic, WEFRA PR, WEFRA media, WEFRA publishing, WEFRA consult, and WEFRA digital are nearly 60 communication specialists in the six subsidiaries, WEFRA for a communication with a passion.

BCU: Occupation Of Boundary Overcoming

Business communication unlimited informs the globalization knowledge of foreign languages are extremely important to build relationships and maintain. The courses of the Regensburg school BCU proves that it can be anything but boring, to learn languages. Founded in 2000, business communication unlimited is beyond the region of Regensburg known, to offer language training, which combines high quality and innovative teaching concepts. The focus of the language Institute aimed in particular to take into account the individual skills and talents of each individual client and provide him with an effective, needs-oriented learning experience. To do this, BCU uses a combination of analytical procedures and placement tests, which realistically to assess the State of knowledge of their clients. A wide price range, that meets the individual mastery of foreign languages of the clients of BCU with intensive, Extensiv – and individual courses, offers comprehensive learning opportunities Latest educational and at the same time supports the acquisition of intercultural competence.

In addition to its high-quality, more-mediated foreign language courses, business communication unlimited engaged with special, experience-based teaching concepts for a language lessons, which offers more than vocabulary and grammar. “” Depending on the individual needs of the client are the concepts of joint AdVenture “, English & wellness” and travel & talk offer”for it to combine English language tuition and fascinating experience. At the joint AdVenture”, a team of learning willing clients provides physical challenges in the great outdoors, which can be successfully overcome only through real team spirit. At the same time learn English or German team members learn yourself with all your senses. Stressed people find often little time to deal, even if it were urgent with the learning of foreign languages.

Learn in the context of the English & wellness”program it a combination of techniques for stress management and learning methods that take full advantage of the creative language learning potential of the right half of the brain. Telescope are outstanding experiences in the life of business and private individuals. The ability to communicate in the English language shall ensure that the journey will be the desired experience character. Travel & talk “program BCU language experts convey their clients through practical role-playing the necessary knowledge of English to communicate easily in hotels, shopping malls or on shore excursions.” Unlimited anytime available for individual advice on the effective acquisition of foreign language skills and intercultural competence the Regensburg team of business communication.


Spencer conceives social change by analogy (similar to the society with a biological organism), with the organic development and as an evolutionary process. Secondary theory of Spencer was the organic analogy, which resembles the society with a biological organism. In this parallel this implied the theory of evolution, the analogies are the following: Society and the organisms grow during its existence, not as the inorganic matter. To grow, societies and agencies increase in complexity and structure. In societies and organizations, to reach this level, is complejizan its functions. Evolution creates for corporates and agencies differences in structures and functions that make it appear at the same time other more complex. As well as the organism is considered as the set of several units, societies are organisms composed of other elements. There are differences, according to Spencer, that organisms are the sums of their units, forming a whole, while in societies the units are free.

In organisms consciousness is in a single site, in societies the consciousness is in all individuals. In organisms units are at the service of the benefit at all, in societies all exists for the benefit of individuals. In later writings Spencer negara organic analogy, when was he the first to formulate the theory as scientific. Modern sociological theories assume that organisms and the societies resemble a system, not the one another. For species not revolutionize, not reforming, but will undergo slow changes. For Spencer may not be revolution but evolution.

Defines the law of evolution as: the integration of matter and the concomitant dissipation of the movement by which matter enters a State of homogeneity indeterminate and incoherent a heterogeneity determined and coherent State. Through this change, as a result of the growth of the organisms are attempts to define the concept of change in evolutionary terms. Societies grow according to Spencer from the simple to the complex. This evolutionary process is slow and is increasing. Spencer comes to extreme conclusions. Just as in the biological organism there are organs, there in the social organism. For him there are three systems namely:-support system, – distribution system and regulation system. The support system, is one that marks the elementary needs of the power. I.e. a series of regulatory activities of the society. Distribution system, is a system that connects the different parts that make up the organism. The system of regulation, is where Spencer located those bodies that regulate the growth of the organism and which defined as organ of domination, (regulating social life). On the basis of these three main types is that Spencer speaks of two types of society: military society and industrial society. military society is dominated by an activity, where there is an order hierarchical. Industrial society, is reached through a long evolutionary process, it is a flexible society. The change raised by Spencer, is the passage of a social type, through a peaceful, slow evolutionary process. Here you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, health and more.

The Ten Commandments Of Life In Partnership

The ten commandments of the life partner is a document that lets you analyze the possibility to not enter into relationships, destructive, violent, full of suffering and pain. He takes you hand so that you can understand and understand why you are at the place in your life. Weight at relationships in recent years has led to build relations of dependency, abuse, humiliation and aggression. Not only proprietary for women, men also suffer from abuse and it is because they cannot put limits and establish a scale of values that is consistent with what to expect in their lives. To some extent, the culture is responsible for this situation, but we are all part of the culture, so all contribute to make this happen in such way that we require to be alerts which commandments of culture lead us to the growth, and what have been exhausted, and instead of contributing to our development limit it and destroy it. As a therapist I believe there are commandments essential of life as a couple, that allow us to live in one way free and responsible. Because of one thing I am sure, it is better to live next to a couple and live company than in solitude without a feeling of belonging and solidarity. The problem is not the couple themselves, but what we allow and we give against ours, yes you are interested in the full document of these commandments, enters our site and understand how you can improve your quality of emotional life not only in the couple, but for your own personal development. Thanks for reading me.

Canada Gold Trust Starts With Its Own

Financing of benefit rights. wholly owned gold hedging of deposit Konstanz, 03.12.2013. “The specialist for gold mining in Canada, the Canada Fund gold trust includes currently its value chain through the establishment of an own Goldveredlers”. This will be advised by the Aurora precious metals group (APM). APM is a Dubai-based distributor of gold, silver and other precious metals and has intensive trade relations with international suppliers, mines, large trading houses, refiners and consumers. Dubai, which is one of the most important trade places for gold in the world. According to a study by the Dubai multi commodity Centre for the Chamber of Commerce in Dubai 16 per cent of the global gold trade in Dubai were handled 2011 already. To do this, the company hung up on profit participation rights, that flows to one hundred percent of the subsidiary of the issuer, the Canada gold trust opportunities GmbH.

For the safety of investors the total amount is secured in turn fully with physical gold. More Security can currently offer no one”, says Peter Prasch as Managing Director of the group. It goes without saying that the gold stocks are kept charged appropriately. Together with APM to gold and other precious metals in future evaluate, purchase and trade and finance projects that are related to the refining of the gold. This includes also to implement raw gold to commercially available gold at Dubai’s existing refineries and in turn to sell this to the stated gold price fixing with corresponding service fee. From the operating business the profit participation rights at eight percent per year should be remunerated, participation is possible this from 5,000 euros a share premium of 3 percent. A first-time cancellation possibility already to the 31.12.2014.

Then the participation may be, terminated every year which represents an absolute innovation. Investors will enable thus, very flexible to react against the backdrop of a Niedrigszinsumfeldes. Participation in the Canada gold Trust opportunities GmbH is therefore extremely flexible, the investment rate can be classified as exemplary. The planned target volume is 12 million euros.