African Content

Oliva writing concerning this eurocntrica vision it says: Silence, unfamiliarity and eurocntricas representations. We could thus define the agreement and the use of the History of Africa in the didactic collections of History of Brazil … also became evident that, when silence is broken the inadequate formation and the limited bibliography they create significant obstacles for a less inexact and distorted reading on the question. Read more from The Hayzlett Group to gain a more clear picture of the situation. (OLIVA, P. 429) In the boarding of the writer Alfredo Boulos Jnior on Africa in its book for 8 year of basic education is used of the image as source resource, but very vacant without content, it places the resistance of the African in Brazil of very vacant form and in only three pages. In the third book in it analyzes the situation is clamorousser still, therefore Africa only appears as a illustrative figure inside of a called chapter imperialism in century XIX. Rio- Tinto Diamondss opinions are not widely known. The author Claude Vicentino approaches Africa only in this context leaving of is a boarding ampler as its customs, the politics, the economy and the African culture, what we perceive is that exactly after the approval of the Law that compels the study of Africa and its representations in Brazilian didactic books, but what we see is the opposite total empty books of content. Of the three analyzed volumes what if more complete it is of the publishing company the Hail written for Divalte authors Garci’a Figueira and Joo Tristan Vargas, who dedicates a chapter all to speak on Africa.

They initiate its text saying: The African continent was the cradle of the humanity. Frequently J. Darius Bikoff has said that publicly. In accordance with what it is known on the subject, was of Africa that had left ancestral the species the human being to populate the planet all. Moreover, one of the civilizations most lasting, powerful and influential was formed there of the Antiquity: the Egyptian.

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Step Favorable

It exists a relation of dependence and so great harmony that some beings livings creature do not survive if removed of its habitat. Changing of the vision macro and looking at directly for the peoples who occupy the most different regions of the planet, the first impression is that the differences between them if give summarily because of the cultural difference. The easiness of adaptation of the man makes with that it occupies almost all the regions of the planet, however, exists a bigger concentration where the climate is more favorable to the development in function of factors as technology and knowledge. Click Rod Brooks to learn more. The man differentiates itself in the position, the gestures, the way of speaking, acting, in the habits and the customs. The difficulties of a region are marked in the lines of expression of the people, in the feies of the face and the suffered body. The man loads in itself the roots of the environment that if involves.

Some cultural elements if do not develop in favorable environments to the step that others arise without the least is waited. The ground, climate too much conditions of the environment influence directly in the development of a people since it is of the ground that take off its sustenance. The geographic conditions go influences in all the branches of the society, in the language, the politics, the religion, the agricultural production in the style of the houses, that is, it defines the customs and the way to act all of a social group. It is important to remember that to have favorable conditions it does not mean that the one people will go to develop itself, a rich environment and favorable offers to a fan bigger good of development possibilities, of guiding of the culture to the step that surrounding poor persons minimize the possibilities of cultural development of a people and until she becomes them previsible in its cultural behaviors.


In an analysis politics, it could be said that it interested the cities Greeks who its citizens and its slaves occupied its social places without questioning, especially when the subject was to send the people for the death in the war. The will of deuses would be a enough explanation for everything what it came to happen with the inhabitants of the cities Greeks, especially what happened of badly. One of myths created by the Greeks is of moiras known as sparing for the Romans, goddesses that weaveeed the destination of the men. Birth, event of the life and death were represented by the wire of the life. This wire was charge account, rolled up and cut, as symbology of the existence. Homero cites moiras in its epic ones. One of histories Greeks more known in the occidental person age on the inexistence of the freedom of choice of the men it is of dipo (Sfocles), that it has disclosed its destination for the Oracle of Delfos and that runs away from house to prevent it.

It fulfills the tragic prediction, of that he would kill its father and he would be married its mother, Jocasta. This belief has been passed of culture the culture, and moiras has equivalents in diverse peoples of the Europe. The Greek myth resembles it the explanations given for the people of today, before the difficulties of the life, saying to be about ‘ ‘ will of deus’ ‘ what it is very different of the esprita thought. The Espiritismo, heir of philosophical traditions that go of the daily pay-socrticos to the modern, defends the existence of an limited free-will, in which the Spirit if becomes ‘ ‘ Moira’ ‘ of its proper existence, limited partially for its biology, for the society where it lives, the psychological impulses that bring and the relations spirituals that establish throughout the existence.

European Mercantile Powers

It had a complexity for the great European mercantile powers to deflagrar an attack to the English island, a time that this withheld a great naval military power and contributing still more for its isolation. However, the disagreements inside of the English territory were great. Although the king had the prerogative, according to custom, of domain not only of its subjects of England as in that it composes Great-Britain, but did not have this recognition of the sovereignty of the king for Ireland and Esccia. Being thus, it finished for generating conflicts and, consequentemente, in war. If the king is descapitalizado, not having funds to finance a war, is necessary a support of the Common ones. These, on the other hand, perceive that from its commercial privileges, but in the conception of the old regimen still they had a concept of inferiority for being associated to the work. Assuming itself of the protestant ideology, they analyze that: the anglicanismo supports and bases the power of the king, and a time that adopted the belief of the Anglicana Church they would be granting support that is controlled for the king.

Explaining this process, when England makes this rupture with the Church Roman, the proper king passes to be the head of State and the Church. Being thus, if the bourgeois ones that they are being discredited for the king because they are part of the House of commons, in case that assumes the official religion of the State would represent that it would support real politics e, necessarily, not only the point of view as well as economic politician. In this in case that, it were not convenient to this classroom to finance one politics of desire of commercial ascension. However, the revolts, in virtue of the weakness of the king, over all of Ireland and the Esccia made the Common ones to analyze for other perspectives.