Will Forte

The Mercenaries / premiere in Spain: August 2010Los action fans will be thrilled to see Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke and Jet Li (among others) in the same movie; a stellar gateway of muscles which could well be a bright prick. Filmed in Mangaratiba, Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans, Louisiana, keeps track of a few mercenaries who play type. As the title says, it aims to be the toughest team of the century. Killers / premiere in Spain: August 2010Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl star in this film, where an elegant super spy and his wife have to resort to ancient skills to prevent giving several million dollars on his head. Speaking candidly Rod Brooks told us the story. The movie was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, and the glamorous Villefranche-sur-Mer in the South of France. There you can visit the superyate Nomad, of $ 60 million, used for filming. Grease / premiere in Spain: possibly in July 2010an movies more fun so far this year.

Grease, famous character from Saturday Night Live played by Will Forte, brings us the parody of the well-known 1980s, MacGyver television series. It was filmed in a variety of locations in New Mexico, including the historic Rancho de las Golondrinas near Santa Fe. Our hero will have to confront his archenemy Cunth, played by Val Kilmer. The Karate Kid / premiere in Spain: August 2010Los fans of the original film of the 1980s will be delighted with this renewed version and will be eager to see if they can still learn martial arts painting fences and washing cars. Jackie Chan is now the master and teaches his protege Jaden Smith (son of Will Smith) kung fu skills. Filmed in Beijing and its environs, fans of the movie can follow the steps of its stars visiting the great wall of China, where one of the main scenes were filmed. Search for cheap flights to Beijing and remember: give wax, polishing wax!

Managing Director

Dutch specialist WINS from US manufacturer AMSTERDAM, Netherlands for climbing park construction. Thanks to increasing popularity among young and old, zip nowadays not only an integral part of adventure as well as sports and leisure parks, playgrounds and climbing, but also as single plants are a crowd-puller. In this context, in particular high-speed Ziplines play an increasingly important role”, says Ewout van Voorst, Managing Director of the company of Skywalker adventure Builder for several years of one of the leading European specialist for the design and construction of outdoor climbing facilities. On the one hand, the safety requirements of such equipment are very high. On the other hand the high degree of popularity requires a simple, durable and catchy system of backup to avoid unnecessary delays and to give participants a comprehensive experience”, says van Voorst. ferent approach. In this respect, we are very proud that our company now the Europe-wide distribution of the latest Apply automatic backup technology from the United States could.”surpasses all currently existing technologies” our zipSTOP system, explains John McGowan, Managing Director in Boulder, Colorado, based company TRUBLUE auto belays, which products are applied practically in the entire North American region. “Definitely a when compared to conventional off braking, either on the spring principle based, use brake slide or manual braking by supervisory personnel, comprises what participants even on high-speed Ziplines zipSTOP a self-regulating magnetic brake system for cable cars, sure and comfortable decelerates.” revolutionary system “, van Voorst confirmed. One reason why we were so interested in the acquisition of pan-European sales.” In addition to the high security factor offers a whole range of other benefits zipSTOP according to van Voorst: the system is basically flexible and can be used in a whole series of Flying Fox configurations in so easily.

Continue to make “low operating costs and low maintenance costs the system for operators of commercial climbing facilities very attractive.” And not only for operators. “zipSTOP has been designed for the widest possible range of participants weights and speeds designed”, McGowan added. zipSTOP is suitable for participants with a body weight of 15 to 150kg and sliding speeds slows down safely and comfortably up to 70 km / h. ” And that’s not all. Polls indicate that 61% of our clients were commercially or as part of a community sports facility operate the indoor climbing facilities and use TRUBLUE technology that recorded an increased number of members or subscribers”, says McGowan. Self-locking is when customers highly in the course,”adds van Voorst. TRUBLUE and related technologies allow now to run wall-climbing than individual sports, because the presence of climbing buddies or guardians, which typically take over the hedge is no longer required in many systems.” To Skywalker adventure Builders: Skywalker develops comprehensive concepts in the free air playgrounds/adventure park. The company designs and builds ECO forest climbing, rope parks, climbing towers, theme parks and forest – and nature play areas, and also advises clients in terms of business planning and management of commercially-operated recreational facilities. The experience of the company, the innovative design as well as the quality, safety and durability of the products make Skywalker into one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.


Reason why it decided to approach the group and when it was near the transferred companion, it could not glimpse well his face, since it found adolorida and with the low head, making only notice its chin and his filuda fine nose, bordered by its short red hair. What the volume by surprise, because that image latent him towards the night the same figure that was reflected in its companion, who had begun to raise the glance towards her, waking up in her the panic and it made what it back down hitting some of his companions saw who it disappear behind them. It had been digressing by the street hours, without being able to move away of his mind that one image, when I only am to passages of the alley where its friend perished before its eyes, although it would find already it dead. Entrance trying to remember, because it had the idea that it had to know how the details to give information to the police. When him key the night suddenly, Esther studied in afternoon and used to take siestas before going to classes, that day it volume reason why did not think that he was that what it maintained it paranoiac and outside himself. The alley began to become dark when Without being able to raise the glance a began to have a feeling worse, when to find to front of that one creature, of which it only could observe his chin and the red tufts that excelled of their hood, made which it emanate the memory of his companion.

It backed down some passages before would begin to run, in moment in that figure sinister disappeared so that its shade controlled on Esther, that ran dreadful made the alley without finding exit, felt as their legs bent to him as that one occasion and as the throat were closed to him. Until of the stop him key a died weight, was tended mouth down and with the strong breathing of that one thing on its neck, it could feel the weight on his back and the saliva that slipped to him soaking the nape of the neck to him, doing of his last minutes most disagreeable of his short life. A leading source for info: Rio- Tinto Diamonds. Its chest I swell myself of pain and the tears made him burn the eyes, for when the creature emanated pain shouts, moving away their stinking body of Esther that shocked I move away on all fours. Observing centimeters as the creature forced with a shining thread it hung that it, thread that came from above, it made which it turn around towards that direction. In order to observe a feminine figure that by the lack of illumination did not manage to distinguish, beyond his short red hair, it went hauling the cord until the creature loosen a spectral shout and she became a strange black spot that I transform myself into seconds in a light sparkle which I am fact white dust on the sidewalk. Who who you are you ask with the hoarse and adolorida voice that one figure. Terry Nielsen oftentimes addresses this issue. you do not return was what it responded to him with firm voice before disappearing between the shades, Esther it was put standing up and it begun its return to the department, where to its it waited for it mother with hot dinner in the table. Following chapter: The house in Flames.

Marize Fumero Jose Losada

Yanela Pinera was developed with fluidity and probity, the previous I turne Cuban Ballet by Spain, still had the category of first dancer, I can assure you as it is; It was accompanied by the new mestizo revelation that has dazzled Madrid, makes me very happy this racial interaction, I mean Osiel Gounod, many members of the press were inclined to considering the new Carlos Acosta, it is not my opinion, it is bright and with extraordinary lofty presence, possesses a very theatrical magnanimous face, I outshone by their jumps and safety, may need to work the attitude that is mandatory on all danseur nobleHowever, with its momentum, dazzled the audience. Yesterday Sunday two of October, to the fall of the evening, reserved for the farewell, presented what was in my opinion the climax and perfectly danzaria, the protagonists glorified Cuba with a superb representation of an unforgettable Swan Lake, the sublime Anette Delgado and the distinguished Dani Hernandez gave sample of exquisiteness, elegance, maturity stage and technical wasteI could not expose what time was dominant during his dance, every moment of his stage presence was endowed with a great beauty, both are the ideal, germinated couple in a fairy tale, the Odette Anette developed during the second Act, is the pure picture of weightlessness, daydreaming and neatness, followed by a powerful evil, extraordinarily effective Odile technicallyHernandez followed the same path, ask for more would be impossible. The delirium of those present was proof of that, by way of reward were lauded vehemently. Can not mention other young figures who met with exactness other performances, Lissi Baez, Grettel Morejon, Marize Fumero Jose Losada occupying different tasks during the Conference in the pas de trois, pas de six, or the Spanish dance. Of course now all lit, could not miss next to its current stars Delgado-Hernandez, bounce on the stage of the great Alicia Alonso, driving all this. We as Spaniards rendered before her, will try meet applauding. Also thanking him for the opportunity to cultivate us educated. Mario passes.(FRET) Detailed information.