Travel To Mallorca As A Backpacker

Holidays in Majorca to each Jehreszeit Mallorca is one of the most popular destinations for the German backpackers. provides the ability to book budget accommodation in Mallorca. Even if you don’t think it is common, there are also hostels in Mallorca. Why do you want to Mallorca, not about culture? Even if the most backpackers in Majorca are looking for fun and endless beaches with the hot flirt, this island has much more to offer. Culture Majorca’s not to be underestimated! There is decided from the Roman period, old forts and palaces, well preserved city walls and churches in Palma, churches, private galleries with modern artwork and several other attractions.

In the summer, many concerts ranging from classical to jazz held up rock and punk. Beau Bikoff may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The climate a vacation on Mallorca is always nice. And not only parties and endless beaches attract thousands of tourists. In the summer, there are often regenlose dry period, where only the air conditioning and pool can save. Nature seems to be asleep and waiting patiently for the first rain. Only in the fall, if it rains again, many plants are springing up again. Then it starts green and blossom like a second spring. Nature will enchant you with the unique spectacle.

Spring on Majorca is an unforgettable experience for all 6 senses! On Mallorca are all four seasons clearly felt, but who are looking Schee on Mallorca, will be disappointed, there is no ice cold winter with snow, Frost and icy roads. So, it’s no wonder that Mallorca acts green even in winter, even if temporarily drop their leaves almond trees, plane trees, poplars and the most fruit trees as in Central Europe, because there are other plants that are always green and survive the winter without difficulty. Hiking in Majorca the climate in spring and autumn is mild and the accommodation are cheaper: there are many backpackers who prefer Mallorca in spring and autumn.