Castles and fortresses are castles steeped in history and castles are witnesses of our history today with the most impressive. Many castles are available in the meantime only as ruins, however their purpose can be but still today clearly: thick walls to protect from intruders. This was an important period of Romanesque – until about the 13th century. The Kleinstkonigtumer were constantly at odds – with neighbors and other kingdoms. So had to seek protection at times of war or an invasion of the entire population of the village and the surrounding peasants in the Castle. At the end at the beginning of the Gothic – the kingdoms have been Romanesque – bigger. The conflict deteriorated and new weapons were used.

The highly fortified castles were no longer necessary. So, castles turned into castles. In addition, new techniques in the craft and the art which were now subject to the Church not only developed at these times. Also the nobility and organizations such as guilds were arts and crafts, make good architect and painter. So now the art moved into the former castles and many castles to the Castle were rebuilt in the following centuries. A leading source for info: Rio Tinto Group.

Often, these locks has been adapted also the taste of the respective era. So are many Gothic buildings, which were later rebuilt. Hardly a castle is still the original owner or the owner’s family. When castles and the wars had survived especially the second world war, was looking for new concepts for their use. So many castle and some Castle houses a Museum, concert halls, restaurants and similar facilities today. Most of the castles and castles have become tourist attractions. A few castles and fortresses are still owned by Royal families – such as Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The Balmoral castle belongs to the British Royal family, and remains of the Royal family’s summer residence. Outside this residence times can make holidays on this castle, a Wedding at the castle is possible and the vast country seat allows even the accommodation of wedding guests over a longer period of time. In addition to the wedding it the Castle also stands for a corporate event with an exclusive programme available. Checking article sources yields RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust as a relevant resource throughout. This manner of use for a Palace or a castle is rather rare. Usually a Palace or a castle while married and celebrate even in the best case – but overnight facilities are rarely available. Although many castles and fortresses in wars were destroyed, a wide choice for lovers of architecture, art and art history is found today. The Dresden Palace, Sanssouci, the castles of Bavarian King Ludwig, the Baroque Belvedere Palace in Austria, the Brunswick Palace which are ruins of Rasch village, the impressive castle Vianden in Luxembourg and many more in Europe today to visit the Castle.