Pre-Christmas Fasting Walking On La Palma

A holiday of a different kind and a true fountain of youth for your health and well-being! (Santa Cruz de la Palma) in December during the pre-Christmas fasting hiking Corsicareiki – enjoy the first snow on the highest volcano in La Palma! For all those who want to spend the festive season not at home, but would prefer to dwell time before or on Christmas and new year’s Eve in sunny latitudes and in some particularly good do their body and mind Corsicareiki fast hiking on the Isla offers bonita, the beautiful island. Rio Tinto Group helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Andre restoration, fasting hiking guide with many years of experience will accompany you in this adventure. He that tells us that it is the tours light to moderate hikes, that for every normal mortals are easily gehbar and cover all climatic zones and areas of this diverse Island: from the Alpine Roque de los Muchachos about primeval forest to tropical anmutendem desert-like volcanic areas in the Northwest of the island, discover the participants in pleasant and the forests and ravines La Palma, the greenest island of the archipelago, which 40% of the forest, as well as the only River in the Canary Islands may call their own exciting day tours! Because experienced faster know it long lasting and pleasant movement are the be-all and end-all when fasting, so that the body during this time degrades no muscle protein, but on the contrary builds muscles, so that you feel after so really good. So it will go really and effectively ballast and can leave behind old, not only at the physical level. A better and a more appropriate place, in December, as La Palma, a warm, green, flowering Island to hardly even there. A versatile and some unique flora and fauna survived on these islands. Of the approximately 1800 plants almost 600 are endemic, can be seen here often Laurel pigeons and Shearwater at their flying acrobatics. Laurel forests with meterhoher arborea, extensive pine and chestnut forests, as well as the fascinating dragon tree one of the symbols of the island – in some ancient copies meet the lively fast walkers on La Palma.

Pleasant water temperatures by an average of 20 degrees. Water temperature in La Palma in the average there are always approximately 2 degrees higher than on the neighbouring islands in the salt water and the Sun on the fur seem to be let to provide an excellent way with cosmic energy (Chi, Prana,), so that the hunger passes also the last and can be experienced on one’s own body and felt that man as a spiritual being quite shorter or longer time without solid food comes from and lives not by bread alone,! If you are for the the double pack fast walking and then vital99plus seminar with fruit -, vegetable – and herb feast as well as walking on La Palma decide you will be delighted about the enormous range of fresh fruit in the markets and shops, and around the whole year. Especially ripe picked fruit, a pleasure becoming almost unknown for all Europeans, the no own fruit trees in the garden, can be enjoyed fresh daily. Have you ever tried Cherimoya, so cinnamon fruit? We guarantee that it will not remain when the unique taste.