Cruz Future

Fifth Letter: it illustrates the past immediate to his consultation. Sixth Letter: it shows the different probabilities that it today has to his reach. Seventh Letter: it clarifies the hopes put in his consultation. Eighth Letter: it indicates the stones that could have in their way preventing him to fulfill their pretensions. Ninth Letter: it shows to his sorrows and fear. Tenth Letter: it is the end of all the distance of letters de la Cruz Celta.

The outcome of all the exposed one. Source: electron research. Distance of Letters in the form of V. It must mix the mallet above, locating the letters mouth of left to right, two in two and above downwards, arriving at the lowest point with the seventh letter. This distance of letters will explain the advance to him of the life, with which it will be able to get to understand why of his to suffer today and what it will offer him the future. The letters will set out in successive form spaces from the past to the future, offering a general conclusion to him of the distance in letter 7.

During three following letters things of the future will begin to reveal. Letter number five, will show to him what will happen distant in the future. to contradict itself with fourth, it means an important change in the facts. The sixth letter, left outside de la Cruz, is the final conclusion to its question. It considers which said the other letters to him, because this will indicate the result of the consultation in the long term. Sun Tarot Friend. tarotamigo. com tarot. Gmail Amigo1 @. it is

Instant Voice Conferencing

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Religion And History

The religion is directly on, transmitting messages that take the reader to a deep reflection on its ‘ ‘ eu’ ‘ on its existence, makes you to look at for inside of itself, to reflect on the experience to be alive and to catch the meaning of the symbols. One is about one simbolizao of the religion and the practical wisdom, something vital to the civilization human being whom if it appeals constantly. The myth, however, is an appropriate language for the religion. This does not mean that the religion, neither the myth, counts a fantasiosa history, but that both translate a language based on the plasticity, that is, in descriptions and narrations, a reality that exceeds the common sense and the rationality human being and that, therefore, it does not fit in mere analytical concepts. It does not matter, of the point of view of the study of mythology and the religion, that Narcissus has not really gotten passionate for its figure reflected in the water, nor that God has not created the human being from the adobe.

Religion and myth differ, not how much to the truth or falseness of what they tell, but how much to the type of message that they transmit. 4.ANLISE COMPARATIVE OF the STORY ‘ ‘ IT COMES TO SEE PUTTING OF THE SOL’ ‘ OF LGIA FAGUNDES TELES WITH ‘ ‘ NARCISO’ MYTH; ‘ In a deeper analysis of the story It comes to see putting of the sun, of Lygia Fagundes Telles, we can notice that it exists some similarities with the myth of Narcissus. The main personages of two histories are provided with desires that despertam the will of possess enamored its. Being admired and desired, they cause cimes or envies, that in turn he provokes the anger and the revolt. In the case of Narcissus being admired by the Nymphs the revenge desire finishes for ignoring the love of the Nymph Echo provoking in it. Already Raquel, personage of the story ‘ ‘ It comes to see putting-do-sol’ ‘ , it rejects the love of Ricardo, that is poor, to be married another man who is rich causing in Ricardo a strong desire in not seeing this relationship to follow ahead, in such a way provokes its disaster, finishing with the life of Raquel. Also we can detach as similarity, the fact of history to bring tragic elements, where, Narcissus suffered the anger from Nmesis, being cursed, for not accepting the love of Echo, being thus, was not in goes the suffering of the nymph, therefore the high one, the Olimpo, the Nmesis goddess turns everything what it was transferred, and, as punishment, it condemned Narcissus to a sad end, that did not delay very.


It is the manifestation, the Trindade, the Form, the Absolute one. the three personages in the text of Person represent three minds have access and uneasy in a dark night of uncertainties; joined in body, mind and spirit for a dream, dictated for the second veladora, that will compromise the certainty of the gift. They are three personages who interact for the souvenir of the past and the lucidity of a dream. They are three, but can be four to interact; when the alive presence of the maiden in the coffin sets in doubt; or five, when of the entrance – in dream? of the Marinheiro.TERCEIRA personage? My sisters, are already day She forbids, the line of mounts wonder Why do not cry we? That one that dissimulates to be there was beautiful, and new as we, and also dreamed I am certain that the dream of it was most beautiful of all It of whom he would dream? FIRST? You say low more. It listening us perhaps, and already knows so that they serve the dreams (a pause) … SECOND? She swims. I did not hear nothing It wanted to dissimulate that it heard so that it assumed that you heard and I could believe that I had some thing to hear Oh, that horror, that close horror in them unfastens the voice of the soul, and the sensations of the thoughts, and makes in them to speak and to feel and to think when everything in us asks for to silence and the day and the unconsciousness of the life Who is the fifth person in this room that extends the arm and it interrupts in them whenever we go to feel? (PERSON apud MOISS, 1998, p.78, 80 81) Another important notation in the theater in question of Person is the symbolic use of the hand.


So, why fret me against the weaknesses, when each one of them turns into the gymnasium of the soul, in which me God and I can convert every weakness in a fortress, every Vice into a virtue, each a quality defect. This is the dual nature of the universe, by the principle of polarization, decided to the extent to be of the same scale of things. Between the heat and the cold, there is only a difference of degree. In where it starts cold and where heat starts, it is only question of a small difference in degrees. Weaknesses subject is somewhat common, there is no human being who can proclaim perfect, and if you so find one, because maybe he already left of human being and went on to the next level of the evolutionary scale. Regarding to the human, there can be nothing perfect.

Like Blavatsky she said at the time no one knows its moral force until it is put to the test. Why boast of being perfect, if maybe it has not been put to the fire and tested its true purity. As well as the gold is put on fire to remove its impurities, likewise happens with men, as I’ve always said, we are all in a process of constant self-improvement, life puts us to the test, is pushing us to be better. If you find yourself overwhelmed by that sting in the flesh, don’t worry, that will end when you pass it up with a virtue rather than with a weakness. Regard to boast of being pure and perfect, quote the words of St.

Paul again and so that the greatness of the revelations do not exaltase me exceedingly, was given me a thorn in my flesh, a Messenger of Satan that strikes me, so me not celebrates greatly. Good way to keep us humble, that Messenger who slaps, the thorn in the flesh, is a reminder to show us that we must still transcend many things that we should not stand for us and believe that everything in our lives is already perfect. You can not move, push yourself, the universe is in constant motion, life does not stop, if the universe stopped for a few moments would be a chaos. Just imagine you were in a great highway which pass many vehicles, all have a rhythm are circulating, and suddenly, a car stops, what with the entire tail that comes after him? Humbly acknowledging your weaknesses, not condemning you, rather with the hope that within every weakness a virtue is enclosed, develops that virtue and you will see how weak dissolves as does the dark in the presence of light.


In an analysis politics, it could be said that it interested the cities Greeks who its citizens and its slaves occupied its social places without questioning, especially when the subject was to send the people for the death in the war. The will of deuses would be a enough explanation for everything what it came to happen with the inhabitants of the cities Greeks, especially what happened of badly. One of myths created by the Greeks is of moiras known as sparing for the Romans, goddesses that weaveeed the destination of the men. Birth, event of the life and death were represented by the wire of the life. This wire was charge account, rolled up and cut, as symbology of the existence. Homero cites moiras in its epic ones. One of histories Greeks more known in the occidental person age on the inexistence of the freedom of choice of the men it is of dipo (Sfocles), that it has disclosed its destination for the Oracle of Delfos and that runs away from house to prevent it.

It fulfills the tragic prediction, of that he would kill its father and he would be married its mother, Jocasta. This belief has been passed of culture the culture, and moiras has equivalents in diverse peoples of the Europe. The Greek myth resembles it the explanations given for the people of today, before the difficulties of the life, saying to be about ‘ ‘ will of deus’ ‘ what it is very different of the esprita thought. The Espiritismo, heir of philosophical traditions that go of the daily pay-socrticos to the modern, defends the existence of an limited free-will, in which the Spirit if becomes ‘ ‘ Moira’ ‘ of its proper existence, limited partially for its biology, for the society where it lives, the psychological impulses that bring and the relations spirituals that establish throughout the existence.

Nie Bez

Do do Wyp? ukane na sitku p? atki do pojemnika, dodaj zamykanego wrzucam? do starte na drobnej afternoon obrane jab? ka, cynamon, orzechy za? do do przep? pokrojone suszki ukane (do mo? do ecie ci nie?, moja nie przepada za nap corka? do cznia? do suszkami w AC ymi? or? ci, drobnica wchodzi bez problemu), wsio odpowiednio mieszam, zamykam tudzie? wstawiam OJ lodowki. Do Nast? pnego day wskazane jest posmakowa? do i wzgl? Eid prze? mistress? subtelno? do ho? ota odrobin? soku z cytryny i / czy te? szczypt? soli. Do do Wyk? adam porcje OJ miseczek, zalewam podgrzanym dzi? ki chwil? (do kilka minut-? do eby by? or ciep? e) mlekiem. Mieszamy, posypujemy lubianymi ziarnami. Smacznego! do do do kuchnie Krakow w czasach wyja zamowienie na? owionej? ywno? ci tudzie? jak zapewni? dzieciom jako?-dodatkowo jedzenia.

Ja nie mam na owo recepty oraz uwa? am i? do nie ma tej jedynej-s? usznej. Cho? mam par? do do do zasad, ktorych staram wg if? and?, bez fanatyzmu Nie karmi? do dziecka ani krowim mlekiem,? niadaniowa na jednakowo mleku owsianka? you? do do wyci? gu ro? linnym jest jadalna, smaczna natomiast daje mnostwo year do do mo? liwo? ci; do or mleku napisano w tej chwili niema krowim? o, ja – bez rozwlekania if? does nad tematem-zostawiam je cielakom iedzi czekam z wykorzystaniem tydzie?, do po? nocy. Zachciej wypowiada? Yes? na rzecz, niekoniecznie year wylewnie kiedy ego. Do Zdecydowa? am if? do do do na losowanie, skoro obawiam if?,? nie b? d? w stanie obiektywnie wyselekcjonowa? przeciwnie dubel odpowiedzi tudzie? tak aby uspokoi? do do do do niektore by by przypadek i sumienia? w 100% jasna – otrzyma nie? am? adnych profitow spo? rod tytu? u napisania or i zorganizowania konkursu i nie podj?abym if? do napisania or? adnych inicjatywach azali? produktach, to? do do do do do ktorych nie mia? abym przekonania i z ktorych sama bym nie skorzysta? a. To tak du? to liczba, clipe Pomidory wrz zalewam? tkiem, po kilku minutach odlewam wod?, chwil? do do i czekam? by przestyg?, and obieram za? do do do kroj? c na mniejsze kawa? wrzucam do garnka odrzucaj ki? c drewniane? rodki.

Do do Stawiam na napoj alkoholowy, zagotowuj?, k? ad? uchylon? pokrywk? natomiast gotuj? na niewielkim ogniu ok 20 min. Zdejmuj? pokrywk? i podgrzewam it do dzi? ki 20-30 min (do zale? do nie od chwili odmiany oraz dojrza stopnia? or? ci owocow), to? do pomidory AC? kiem if? do do rozpadn?, i sk? ad garnka zredukuje if? do g? pomidorowego sosu stego. W tym czasie przygotowuj? wywar. Do garnku or grubym dnie rozgrzewam t w? uszcz, wrzucam za obrane? do pokrojone i pietruszk marchewki?, sma? do do na? rednim ogniu mieszaj? c co oboj? tnie jaki okres przez ok