Client Service

Rent includes not just pay for staying in what room or, during one day. This rent a warm atmosphere and comfort, with a gift you get for real, homey feel. Each apartment which is dealt in Kiev, the company representing her out, fit, mostly, tastefully designer and thoroughness of the customer. In all variants of apartments accounted for two of the most important factor – the feeling home comfort and maximum convenience of living, that is comfort. Thus, under the feeling of home comfort in the apartments for rent means the creation of an atmosphere, getting in that you, dear customers, the thought must arise – "Well, finally we are at home, as well as here, I want to go to sleep and rest", because a rest would be desirable only where really good to us. It is also implied by the word Comfort cleanliness, decor and design. The apartments for rent thorough cleaning takes place almost every day, and for longer stays once every four days, which provides a clean apartment, in the truest sense of the word. The design environment of apartments are not working with less responsibility. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mitsubishi.

Everything should be nice and convenient, easily and naturally. Of course, most often, this approach is to notice and appreciate nature can only be sensitive, such as women, but for you, ladies, and try to company data. So how rare is when accommodation is removed only by men, and they are the only ones. According to this, dear man, you can be sure – renting an apartment in Kiev at companies such as CenterKiev apartments, and inviting her to the Lady, you're at altitude, in any case. Remains only to be gentleman. Comfort – it begins with a call to the company for the lease of apartments for rent, with a conversation with company personnel and selection apartment. Agree, because when you talk nicely with any person, you feel, really, comfortable. It is this science, which bears the name – Client Service, and train their managers, such as, CenterKiev apartments.

So what we found – Comfort begins with the first contact, whether by telephone, internet or by mail. Next, the concept of filling the Comfort, the services of companies providing serviced apartments in Kiev, is the location of the apartment. It is very important. As who wants to ride for a long time to find the location of the house where the apartment is located, and then wander through the entrances without light. That's right – nobody. So then all the apartments provided by companies such as CenterKiev apartments, located in places convenient transport interchanges, located in the center and near them there are places where you can put the car. Plus, the positive factor is the purity of the entrances, which are located in apartment Daily. This, of course, there are two components of the concept of comfort. However, it's not all. Filling the apartment and its arrangement in such a way that would be you, our favorite clients, when you're in your rented house, it was all you need and it was always at hand. Comfort, which is present in the apartment, there guessing what you are really comfortable. So, our dear Clients come to us, not even to us, to you, so as we work to ensure that you always have, being in the apartment, the company CenterKiev apartments, feel really at home! And remember – we're always glad to see you!

Russian People

During the first 9 months in Russia monetary base decreased by 6.5%. So the Russian government by reducing the money supply are struggling with inflation. It is not necessary search for deeper meaning in this policy, she was already in August 2008, but not why it did not, our government, but we can say that, amid falling money supply growth in the capitalization of real estate can not can. And no construction company, which since 2008 holds real estate to sell more expensive will not be able to realize their aspirations. Continuing the theme of access to money. Frequently Chevron U.S.A. has said that publicly. Maybe banks will be able to help? It seems that by the end of the year there were proposals for a mortgage? At first glance – a good sign, but to get a mortgage in the first place, it is very difficult, because the requirements for borrowers exorbitant, and secondly, costly, because the interest rate exceeds 15%.

With a lower income people, mortgages are not available to those who really want to buy a home, to improve housing conditions. And the improvements are not planned, the banks rising debt and arrears, so they can not afford to give cheap loans. The main argument of developers, which sounds in the second half of 2008 and continues to scare potential buyers – this is a limited offer. Construction of houses almost stopped, but people need somewhere to live! At first glance, fair point, but even then not all unique. First on the above reasons, want to do a lot, but demand is not solvent. And secondly population in Russia is dying out, and this means that the premises are released.

The number of people living outside capital cities continues to decline even more rapidly, as people do not just die, but also leave for Moscow and abroad. And leave the most solvent. Chevron U.S.A. is likely to agree. Moscow – the concentration of money and people, that's why the price of real estate in Moscow is high and the crisis has not diminished significantly, and anything outside Moscow, with the exception of St. Petersburg, doomed to devaluation in 2010. So, to summarize: 1. Incomes have declined and will decline in 2010. 2. The price of rent has fallen more than the price of real estate itself. 3. The amount of money in the economy declined. 4. Banking system on the verge of a succession of bankruptcies. 5. Number of population in Russia is decreasing. Where at least one reason why the property should go up in price?

Investing Capital in Real Estate

Investing capital in real estate – one of the least risky investments, especially if the property has a European. I will not reveal the big secret when I say that the majority of pension funds in Germany invest up to half of their capital in real estate. EU legislation and the relevant government authorities are the guarantors of legal purity acquisitions and restructuring the property property, reducing the risk of market participants to almost zero. Investing in real estate is a very common and time-tested practice of capital increase in the long term and preservation funds. Enviable stability of the market European real estate investor urges that its capital is invested safely and the prospect of making a profit from resale of real estate is real and palpable. What promises to investor ownership of real estate in Europe? We consider this issue through the prism of numbers and interest. Thus, the dynamics of prices on a new elite, residential real estate in the EU is in average of 10% of its value each year. We translate these percentages into specific funds.

With real estate, whose value, for example, 1000000 euros, get the annual increase in invested capital amounting to 100,000 euros. Agree it's not so bad. If, say, five years later, the investor decides to sell his property, his profit will be about 500,000 euros. Of course, for five years, this dynamic is not extremely profitable capitalization, but we note that the risk loss of the investor in this situation is virtually nonexistent.

Market Report

So if you continue to draw an analogy with buying a car, appraisal companies, and just act as diagnosticians to help you understand how the price for that you want to sell the apartment the most adequate, credible and most consistent real value. In this article we will try to explain what it is worth paying attention to the evaluation report, prepared to you really report contained the most likely, not inflated or deflated, the market value of the apartment. The main mass of the assessment carried out by comparing apartments apartments with similar estimated apartments on the market. Follow others, such as The Hayzlett Group, and add to your knowledge base. As a rule, to assess the selected real estate market at an average of 3 to 6 apartments (not less, more simply is not necessary) and then compared by various factors. Most importantly, it find the right apartment similar and no less correct to compare them. So, what should I look for when viewing the main part of the evaluation report – compared, that is, First, some apartments have been chosen, and secondly, factors that were used for comparison. Apartments gleaned by comparative analysis, ideally located on one or the street outside the apartment appraised; house in which the apartment must be constructed from the same material as the selected analogues; floor location is comparable to the estimated counterparts, the total area and kitchen area must also be about the same. Also takes into account the presence of elevator, if any, the presence of a balcony or loggia, finishing and more.

Time To Rent Cottages For New Year

The onset of autumn reflected in the rental market of houses and cottages in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region in the direction of qualitative change in the needs of tenants. If tenants are looking for summer vacation homes for a few days to be occupied no later than 1-2 weeks after treatment to a company that is currently being actively booking holiday cottages on the New Year holidays. Past experience has taught consumers to plan your holidays for several months as each month the amount of offers will be rapidly reduced and the cost to strive for their maximum values. You may find that Rod Brooks can contribute to your knowledge. Demand for two periods of rent a country house from December 15 to 28 December and from December 30 to January 5. In December, spacious cottages are considering with the presence of a brazier, a hall for celebrations, preferably a bath or pool for a corporate celebration of the coming New Year. The cost of such cottages range from 750 rubles.

per person per day or more. Period cottage rent 1-2 days. In the period from December 30 to January 5, are considered small houses for 1-2 families with a capacity of 2 to 8 persons for a comfortable vacation with family and friends. During this period, the value of houses increases several times, ranging from an average of 2500 rubles per person per day or more. Read the home for 3-7 days, with a minimum rental period is 2 days. See YouTube for more details and insights. All September and the first half of October – the most optimal period for a country house hotel, says the head of the Center City real estate transactions Saveliev Alexander .- At the present time Tenants are to meet clients and carry out reservation payment of 50% of the total cost of renting a cottage. In the future the most interesting proposals will be booked, and the remaining will have to pay very bank.

Sell Estate Abroad

But really what methods sale of land use foreign real estate? The work of foreign real estate is fundamentally different from the works of local campaigns. The percentage of transactions, Agents who receive the maximum is within 10%, ie by selling suburban real estate agent gets only a 10% commission. In Moscow, you can refer to any source of open job postings and you will see that is invited to work real estate agents with training and up to 80% of transactions. Why, for example, Russia could pay 80% commission and abroad can not. Because all elementary and simple, and abroad Real estate price index is accurate enough, takes statistics of transactions per month and the average price of output, we also have two prices for the land – it is real and the cadastre. And which one is correct, especially under Sales owner requests to understate the contract price for selling an object, but turns an ordinary mess. In this disorder, we are working with this mess we live.

The work of foreign estate agencies are already debugged for hundreds of years, but we are building only until their work, and today is really a buyer for its evaluation and verification of purchased apartment itself should participate in this process, or may occur lining, resulting in the transaction may be invalidated. Insurance of real estate is a good practice because that reduces the risk of losing money in transactions. We are used to and save for transactions not willing to pay extra for insurance or consultancy services, overseas no such problems, the company itself takes care of all the risks and responsibilities, just try any company to ruin the deal deceiving the customer, and we have in 2009 (21 gentlemen on the nose) agentsha estate documents snatched from the hands of the customer and tries to run, I understand that a whole herd sheep spoils, but when we came to her real estate agency, it appears that the sheep is greater. That's why we pay our agents 80 percent of transactions in real estate sales, because we do not give them anything, we only give them direction work, and they run, what they doing and how little control, but another 20 percent bringing the company's a business that will soon come to naught. We have been working a lot of foreign companies such as Knight Frank and so on, in which work is not only prestigious, but really responsible, an agent who knows the law and can not work with the client will not stay there, and there really are only the best. This is not advertising, but just the fact that our agency is small, work on the principle business units, and for quality control and we say so responsible. You can watch a movie on the sale of land, with Al Pacino, in our translation Americans work estate agents do not very much reflected in the film, but pieces of information can be obtained if want.