Nexus Between Jung

The psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung considered the archetype concept to understand universal recurring myths. The usa arcana Tarot to discover recurrent individuals or environments. The Archetypes are behavioural styles; or, in other words, General versions of temperament and character found in all civilizations. These archetypal examples are recognized instananeamente. The 22 letters that correspond to the major arcana are also immediately recognizable. If you just get into the theme, in you will find something more about the major arcana and its meaning. Carl Jung meant that, apart from the will, there are other forces that people submit.

He also spoke of transformational archetypes; that would be situations and media – on occasions, also, sites – causing a transformation. The Tarot major arcana used similar archetypes. According to Jung, when archetypes emerge, have a numinous character that could only be described as spiritual “.” The numinous aspect (numen, presence) is, according to him, no visible presence that causes a particular modification of consciousness. The Tarot cards always make any presence in the environment of who consultation patent. In the same way that in transformation, the obstacles symbolized in the Tarot Archetypes are often, also, challenges (the judgment), ways (Los Enamorados), media (La force), other individuals (the Pope), places (El Mundo, La Torre) and, sometimes, objects (La Luna). Jung auna all the feminine with the Moon (letter XVIII) and manly with the Sun (number XVIIII in Tarot). According to the psychologist, in the light of the Moon not much separates as encandilador brightness of the Sun; but it amalgamates the details and gasket distant with you is here near; as a result, many times small details become sensitive issues in women’s exchanges. In addition to the major arcana, the minor arcana of the Tarot also maintained a link Strait with the psychology and Psychiatry.

If the older of the Tarot warn of drastic changes that a person goes through in his life, minors are closely related to situations. In Tarot, the disagreements and losses are expectable situations symbolized by the four suits of cards: swords, bastos, pentaculos and drinks. Cups correspond to emotions; pentaculos, with the material; the swords symbolise the intellectual aspect. Bastos configured power, about all interior and intuition. Emotions, sensations, intellect and intuition are topics of study of the Psychiatry and psychology, as they are functions of the mind. Original author and source of the article.

German Government Wants To Favor Taxation Of Missions

How early May reported financial times Germany (FTD) the Finance Ministry wants to simplify the taxation of business trips. The Finance Ministry wants to simplify the taxation of business trips. This involves in particular the arrangements of the travel to the workplace, to Auswartstatigkeit, and to the overhead of the food. It aims to reduce also bureaucracy and costs for companies. This involves in particular the arrangements of the travel to the workplace, to Auswartstatigkeit, and to the overhead of the food. Goal of the changes is to reduce also bureaucracy and costs for companies.

So far, 150 million business trips of German companies per year cost of well over 40 billion euros. The demarcation between the tax-free reimbursement of travel expenses of the employer on the one hand and the private journeys between home and work on the other side is considered to be too complicated. These regulations are to be simplified. Also the tax rules for the official Auswartstatigkeit and the Double housekeeping should be made simpler. A group of experts preparing suggestions for improvement. This will come at the earliest early next year into force according to FTD.

Automatic Analysis

Still, these terms if in such a way intercross and find treatment of a side as of another one, either in function of its vast fan of metodolgicas possibilities, either in function of the constituent dialectic of the proposal of characterization of the speech of Fairclough.O discursivo event present practical discursivas and motivated no-discursivas structurally, but on the other hand, the citizens are that they are all the moment ressignificando, placing the structures at risk in its practical discursivas. The structures and the practical ones show with a fluidity without precedents, that recoloca the citizen, actor now motivated is intentional or ideologically, again in the center. What it is basic in the Analysis of the Speech is sophistication in the definition of the structure of the language, or the lingustica materiality? expression that in supplies a more complete idea to them about what is the language: a cloudy structure, crossed for the events partner-descriptions. Exactly thus, for Fairclough the discursiva analysis of the French school is treated in very narrow semantic terms. The critical one if explains in part for the exhausting work on the discursiva surface, supported in questions of literal cohesion and coherence. Now, it invalidates completely inside of the perspective of the Analysis of the Speech: what it interests is not in the surface of the speech, it only contains the elements that supply to the analyst the access to the discursivo object. What it is in game is the explicitao of the mechanisms of production of directions. The Analysis of the Speech, in turn, can be divided in three phases, whose transformation Michel Pcheux flame of philosophical conversion of the look. The first phase is characterized by the effort of teorizao of an automatic structural-discursiva machine. This proposal of analysis of the speech is inaugurated in 1969 with the launching of the book Automatic Analysis of the Speech of Pcheux, whose proposal it is presentation of algorithms for the automatic analysis of speeches, supported in the method of Harris (Discourse Analysis – 1952).

Chinese Vengeance

To end the conflict can be used any means; The only mandatory criterion – for using these tools you should not be ashamed. * You must behave as though you are surrounded by important people for you and they look at you. In some families, spouses agreed to and in conflict situations, when about to pour abuse opposing the warning of another and includes a tape recorder: everything that is said to remain on the film. * How much vocabulary is correct! There are other means. UISOL is likely to agree. For example, – Chinese revenge. There is a story about how an evil Chinese feudal deprived of a poor peasant in the home and property, and family. Then the farmer took his revenge and the lord – hanged himself in front of his window.

* Revenge, I think one of the most ridiculous and harmful superstitions, but in a good family option "Chinese Vengeance" is very out of place. For example, my wife is reading in the dark, and so spoil his poor eyesight (in this case agrees that she wrong, but over and over again …) – well, I'm depriving myself reading. For me it is – the flour. Or Alex ran over a bicycle Alla, hurt her, she yells at him ("Why do not you look ?!), beats words. Under most conditions UISOL would agree. I want to hit her. It is impossible, but how to stop it? For each of its impact was severely beaten Shurik (really hard!) on the arm itself … It worked, she stopped.

– Interruption of relations up to the complete neglect of another. Termination of the relationship does not mean that they break, always possible negotiations. Click Natalie Ravitz for additional related pages. Relations can be resumed at any time, as soon as the other spouse will stop conflicting behavior and begin to live with respect for the other. Naturally, the children suffer from the break-up should not. In this part of the relationship is not broken, but only reduced to a purely formal and collaborative, at the level of impersonal cooperation. She was the favorite, but was just a woman with whom I, as with any, just polite, but do not show it either interest or warmth. Love – turn off. * To have good relations under heavy guard, one must know how sometimes love is not loved. – Demonstrative mirror. After warning his start acting the same methods at the same time suggesting a disgrace to stop – one. Means effective, but dangerous! Problematic behavior and forms of protest against the conflict – is a complex and big topic, and to thoroughly understand it, of course, not Simple enough for reading. Especially for those who want to learn to live without conflict and skillfully deal with any complex issues of communication in the heart of practical psychology, "Sinton" We have created a great course – "Basic training: mastery of communication."


fully guided to omit the truth. In parallel to everything this, registers pain here Ferraz family. I remember myself, that in the morning of 29/01/2010, sent an email the Rita Ferraz, in the attempt of being solidary for the difficult moment that its husband and my dear friend Rmulo Jose Ferraz crossed, therefore had passed for a delicate surgery of acute pancreatite e, given the gravity of its picture, I believe that around day 21/01, not> I know to the certainty, it are induced the state of eats for the doctors, procedure this that has for purpose to become the unconscious patient, diminishing the pain suffering to it and other bothering that after-surgical one can bring. Pemco may find this interesting as well. Beyond lamenting the loss of a dear and very special friend, who knew even so it only virtually, but that one became so present in my life, moan its departure as of that it represented much more that person that we change untied commentaries for msn or that time and another one we change e-mails and messages for the Orkut. I insist on to stand out, that Rmulo was more than this in my life, beyond captivating with directed poems me and of the approach that the frieza of mechanics of the world of the Internet surpasses in the distance, was me a little of figure of father, friend, brother, eloquent poet, gala, friend, idoneous and psychologist, and made to this to feel me its lack in such a way as knew if it has years, therefore exactly with the difference of age between us, knew to be a man the front of its time, a time that the eloquence and the present time in its inferences translates it a rich person in love, dreams, optimism and much goodness, always made use to hear and worried in elaborating answers the height of the questionings that appeared in a simple chat, making of the Internet much more that a miditico resource that in allows a simple ones them to use a keyboard at a distance and yes, a good necessary to give a tone colorful and truthful to the life of a virtual contact! The most impressive in this to go and to come, is that, what me seems, the Rmulo and Adam had the same covered space of time in the UTI, will have been maken a mistake that its relatives correct me: day 21/01/2010 it are induced to the state of eats, evolving the death in the dawn of day 29/01, when Adam entered in eats, for reason of the beating still in the dawn of day 21/08/2009, also evolving the death in the dawn of 29/08.Muita coincidence, not? Exactly period, space of ingression in the UTI and same day and schedule of death, from there the coherent heading that I try to give to this text of relief: To understand, to accept! Why exactly to understand to accept? If to think detidamente on the heading of this substance, is not to be put off to question the life under a horizon of uncertainties. .

Nuclear Facilities In Our Country

What must happen yet until sanity returns? -Renewable means of payment in times like today anno 2011, in which young people in Arab Nations seek their salvation in revolutions for freedom, democracy, and improvement in their standard of living -, where nuclear reactors in Japan, show that our people not to tame and almost uncontrollable, in periods where shows us, what we have – done out of this world it burns in all corners – in this chaos a planet on which, otherwise you can not call it, we should stop and be thoughtful and our eyes on our future. Unfortunately that happens when we are honest and look and listen. The despot further mischief hell-bent and the nuclear lobby enlargement continue and collect dollars at the expense of our health of all. Switching off a few nuclear plants in our country – until the end of the elections and a resolution that conjures up a new war, the only one goal can have is Lypiens to seize oil fields under the nail, are no solution to the problems. Does nobody on the idea that the desire of the young people in the Arab countries and their targets, which – they are infected the specter of al Qaeda and its “God States”, and the “holy war” – and could always terminate? No one on the idea did, that this is the way to bring peace among the warring, religious cultures, and so will be the end of terrorism? Sure many have thought well and especially those where a pacification of the world will make a line through their billions with the oil and those who lose their money machines with the nuclear power plants, because this oil for example heard exactly these young people who get just bloody heads and on these new battlefields, their lives can be. They will not admit it and left them to their property.

Iovivo Brings Color In The Living Room And Habitats

“Online store focuses on stylish color accents Furth, the natural color of 22 March” and Berry passion “, with these theme stores, the brand new online shop around the home, ringing a his first color actions. Now, presented its customers regularly furniture and design ideas in trendy color combinations. Not only this action the company exclusively uses the online sales and deliberately on direct selling. The cost thus saved benefit anyone else than the customers themselves. Excellent quality and service at a high level, these are the premises of iovivo would not save on the quality of the products, but rather to the distribution channel”, emphasizes Managing Director Matthias Ammon, we want to convince this that we offer unusual living ideas at an affordable price.” From the flower vase until to the complete living facilities, from the designer light up to the shoe rack iovivo offers a wide range of practical, useful and stylish furniture and home accessories.

The trendy furniture & living-shop equates this with its color actions demonstrate. Suitable to the early spring offer in varying colours presents iovivo. The invigorating combination of white and Berry is the kick-off, directly followed by natural colour combinations. The customer can be inspired by a variety of trendy interior design ideas and home accessories to this color theme. Now, visitors can expect every month on the new fresh design ideas to a color theme on the home page of So that reality is quickly set up dream, emphasis iovivo on an uncomplicated and user-friendly checkout.

So will not only be offered six different payment scenarios, also the fastest possible delivery of the goods is ensured by the partnership with renowned logistics companies. But also on the issues of consumer protection and transparency is the furniture shop in the duty: to include secure payment methods such as PayPal as well to the Standard of as a careful reconnaissance to the materials used. Here, the customer can really worry-free start in the spring. A piece of furniture online shop is on iovivo iovivo. The special sender makes living”to the experience. Quality, expertise, service and value for money in the foreground are available. The product range includes all topics related to living, starting with stylish furniture, trendy accessories up to practical everyday helpers. iovivo offers a surprising diversity. How to contact with living online GmbH Managing Director: Matthias Ammon forest str. 49 90763 Furth phone: 0911/211478-0 fax: 0911/211478-69


Here are include interactive maps, photos of forests, forest maps and aerial video available. We have 2010 continuously worked to generate good returns, but also to improve the service for our customers”, so Harry Assenmacher, Managing Director of the ForestFinance group. With the new area on our website we offer a customer service that there are in this form only when US investors now. In the future we will further expand the range of our services and the website and optimize.” Trial account to try out more information on meinwald.html those interested can here following test access login: user name: password: testzugang via ForestFinance: the ForestFinance group manages over 3,500 hectares of ecological forest areas in Central America (Panama) and Asia (Viet Nam). It is on forest investments specialized in environmental and social sustainability connect the lucrative return. Interested parties can choose between various products of sustainable tropical forest management.

At the BaumSparVertrag for a monthly savings contribution 12 trees per year planted and harvested after 25 years. The WaldSparBuch offers 1,000 m2 of tropical forest with a buy-back guarantee. For investors who wish to replant 10,000 m2 with possibility of ownership, WoodStockInvest is the right product. CacaoInvest is an investment in organic cocoa and wood, with annual distributions already from the second year. “GreenAcacia is the forest money account” by ForestFinance: similar to a fixed-term deposit account “, the investor receives an annual return and a final payment immediately after the expiry of seven years. A fire insurance policy for the risky first years of growth, as well as five percent safety areas for all products contribute to the protection of investors. CO2OL is the consulting and service agency for operational Climate protection and a division of the ForestFinance group. For more information, see