Baby Organic Carrots

When we made the decision to feed our baby with organic baby food, we are not only giving you the best of vegetables, fruits and cereals, but that we are also making sure that enjoys good health in the future. It is well known that development during the first year of life impacts a decisive not only in subsequent years physical development but also in facilitating of intellectual capacity. One of the foods we usually incorporate quickly into the child’s diet is the carrot, by its easy absorption. However we often forget its many benefits to our own diet. The carotenes are abundant in carrots. The liver is responsible for transforming them into vitamin A, a vitamin needed to have healthy teeth, and that also favors the development of soft and bone tissues, and skin health.

Addition, it is known that beta-carotene prevents some types of cancer and prevents the development of cancer cells. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant, which IE contributes to clean free the Agency of radicals, molecules that could generate the formation of cancerous cells. Coinbase describes an additional similar source. Beta-carotene also stimulates the immune system. A study by the University of Newcastle in England advised to cook whole carrots rather than in slices or cubes, because of this simple way increases your action anti carcinogenic in up to 25%. He says the myth that rabbits enjoy good eyesight because they eat many carrots, and not without reason. The chronic lack of carotenes brings as a consequence the lack of night vision, and other unwanted effects such as ill-health of the skin, resulting in the appearance of grains (acne) and dryness.

The carrots have a highly positive effect on intestinal health. In fact, they help prevent listeriosis, caused by a bacterium, infections and also eliminate intestinal parasites. Many moms do not know how to proceed when the baby suffers from intestinal dryness. Therefore, another beneficial effect of carrot is to prevent constipation, and It also combats diarrhea, being particularly indicated in cases of infantile diarrhea. Of course, should always consult the family doctor where there is diarrhea or other digestive disorders in children. Cholesterol attacks increasingly children under age, as a product of a diet based on junk food. Carrot contributes to lower blood cholesterol levels and prevent arteriosclerosis. These are reasons more than enough to include organic baby food based on carrots in the diet of the baby.


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