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Chain presided by Antonio Catalan, has just closed an agreement with American giant Marriott to conquer the urban segment. Through the agreement, the two companies will begin working together on a new brand called AC by Marriott, with which aspirated to conquer the category of 4 stars in Europe and Latin America. In this way, the 92 hotels that owns AC in Italy, Spain and Portugal will join the more than 3,400 hotels owned by Marriott in 70 countries, by hand of such well-known firms such as Ritz-Carlton, achieving a mutual benefit, since the American chain wanted to have more presence in Spain and the Spanish, will have access to a new market in the hands of Marriottalready this has a loyalty program with more than 33 million people, that they may benefit from the multiple hotels in the Spanish chain, as the Hotel barcelona, for example. This Alliance is the result of the crisis and of a real need by foreign chains that look like entering Spain, where luxury hotels sector is not as exploited as the holiday sector, very advanced sector, it is a great business opportunity. For this reason, this type of alliances or sales as the Tryp, of Sol Melia, at the hands of Wyndham, increasingly they are occurring. With this partnership, Marriott falls so squarely in the Spanish market with city hotels, business and luxury, where already had presence in the vacation market with hotels in Tenerife, Marbella or hotel las Palmas. Barcelona Hotel Hunting Chill Pill Box The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans.

Step Favorable

It exists a relation of dependence and so great harmony that some beings livings creature do not survive if removed of its habitat. Changing of the vision macro and looking at directly for the peoples who occupy the most different regions of the planet, the first impression is that the differences between them if give summarily because of the cultural difference. The easiness of adaptation of the man makes with that it occupies almost all the regions of the planet, however, exists a bigger concentration where the climate is more favorable to the development in function of factors as technology and knowledge. Click Rod Brooks to learn more. The man differentiates itself in the position, the gestures, the way of speaking, acting, in the habits and the customs. The difficulties of a region are marked in the lines of expression of the people, in the feies of the face and the suffered body. The man loads in itself the roots of the environment that if involves.

Some cultural elements if do not develop in favorable environments to the step that others arise without the least is waited. The ground, climate too much conditions of the environment influence directly in the development of a people since it is of the ground that take off its sustenance. The geographic conditions go influences in all the branches of the society, in the language, the politics, the religion, the agricultural production in the style of the houses, that is, it defines the customs and the way to act all of a social group. It is important to remember that to have favorable conditions it does not mean that the one people will go to develop itself, a rich environment and favorable offers to a fan bigger good of development possibilities, of guiding of the culture to the step that surrounding poor persons minimize the possibilities of cultural development of a people and until she becomes them previsible in its cultural behaviors.

Computer Moments

It is not enough to have an equipped laboratory and software to the disposal of the professor; it needs to have the facilitador that manages the process the pedagogical one. The process of introduction of computer science We go to observe the process of introduction of Computer science in the pertaining to school environment through some moments. Many must be thinking that it is the pretension to divide this process at moments. But what it is being tried it is to pontuar some of these moments; in addition, to think that it is necessary this vision, to be able to have the process idea that in the east in this trajectory. Terry Nielsen is often quoted as being for or against this. In this process we can detach four moments, that present well definite characteristics. Frequently Barry Judge has said that publicly. He does not exist, here, the objective to delimit each moment, therefore the professors can live deeply characteristics of some moments, although always one to predominate. The professors of the schools would have to be the responsible ones for the development of the project in the school, and this work must have the support and the accompaniment of the pupils in learning phase We know that, nowadays, any person would have, at least, to know to manipulate a microcomputer; unhappyly this is not our reality. The current professors had studied at a time where Computer science was not part of day-by-day, and, amongst the professors who we are forming for the future, little is being prepared to change this reality.

When introducing itself educative Computer science, perceives a first moment to it, at which the professor reproduces its lesson in the room of Computer science. It is the moment during which the central concern is to observe the tool. This moment is very important and if it does not have to ahead force the professor to a change of attitude of the express potentiality for the computer.

Wolfgan Kayser

Proposal for literary analysis: plot, central topic, subtopics, space and time. 1 Argument the argument has traditionally been called fable; the Greeks called it myth. The argument is the brief reproduction of the content of the work. The summary of the content exclusively attends the course of events extracts only, in the form of story, what is important for the structure of the action (Kayser, 1970, 98). To obtain a good argument, the development of the action with the greatest possible simplicity must be reduced. When drafting the argument, we should summarize the action or central plot, taking into account only the protagonist and the most important secondary characters.

You must not enter secondary actions, details, descriptions, dialogs, reflections. Good arguments do not even mention names of characters, but they use generic names: a man, a girl, the lawyer, a Prince, his friend, the mother. The argument should be drafted in a very brief paragraph, 5 to 15 lines. What happens more when trying to write an argument is that we obtain summaries or narrations of one or more veneers. These summaries or extensive narratives, we can extract the true argument.

Read the example of a fable or argument (for the work the star of Seville, Lope de Vega) Wolfgan Kayser presents: A King is passionate for a girl, but is humiliated by the brother of this. A noble King gives his word to avenge him, but known then that the offender is his close friend and future brother-in-law, since the girl was his own girlfriend. Despite everything he complies with his word and kills his friend. The King has to fulfil theirs, which had promised him impunity. The two lovers renounce his love (Ibid., 98-99). 2 Central theme the central or main theme is the essential idea that is removed or is inferred from reading. The topic is not always a synthesis of the argument; It is the fundamental element or idea which prevails through all the work.

American Institute

And here it appears the possibility of autoaprendizage, without it matters to disqualify the possibilities of the institutionalized study and without by all means discarding the ample and increasing range of intermediate possibilities. But, it is done to me, that, given the urgency of our concrete requirements, are ways to increase and/or to update our respective ones knowledge levels. And here he is where it appears the tool of now denominated self-training, become related enough by that one of the self-taught person. Expression that has antiquity enough. Podria also the present concept of self-training, to tie and so it was that one education by correspondence (predecesora of the remote education) and that gave rise so many humoradas. What happens is that, the possibilities of mass media have grown in exponential form in relation to those warnings that aparecian for example in the magazine " Deportivo&quot world; , of the American Institute of Motors not to complicate the thing much, is possible to start off of if to practice autoaprendizage it is necessary to have will (desire) to rise culturally and to know how to read.

From there is a menu of alternatives there: the library publishes, the broadcasting (particularly the one of short wave) and the television (the video): In increasing form you would apareceran the possibility of the telematics, those that seran obvious when the suppliers of access to Internet arrive from some way at all the localities. And tenth of some way, because continuously they estan appearing new alternatives of economic access to the network of networks, the one that this at the moment circumscribed one to the great Argentine cities. By the experiences that one is having sailing by the Internet, I can affirm that in as much one it has an easy access to her, the same is transformed into almost excluding means for autoaprendizage.

America Relations Brazil USA

The greats of America: Brazil-U.S. relations.UU. By: Alpha Citlalli Gutierrez Hernandez and Cassandra Gutierrez Martinez. Big changes in public policies in Brazil have been reflected in its rapid and important inclusion in the international framework, mainly highlighting their economic presence to the length and breadth of the world. In this context, the relations of this country with the United States have transformed slowly but solidly so that, after decades of disputes regarding the encroachment of United States in South America, Brazilian influence area, the geopolitics of both countries agenda has begun to show certain similarities. During the last decade gave a true departure from Brazil to United States which, although it seemed not import too, could be quite delicate. In 2002, President Bush was interested by promoting the initiative in the Area of free trade of the Americas (FTAA), which would mean an extension of the NAFTA and its commercial influence in Latin America, however, Brazil was not cooperative. For the South American country, participate in the Washington proposal meant a limitation both economic and political, and although the project failed for various reasons, the refusal of Brazil helped cool relations with North America.

On the other hand, differences on several issues such as the war in Iraq, which has been openly criticized by President Lula, have done their part by stress a little situation, however both countries know that despite the differences, it is convenient to both maintain a peaceful correspondence and more cooperative as possible. The topics that have become relevant at present and that can become the basis for a closer relationship between the two countries include the new agenda of global security (based mainly from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001), the South American political stability, energy, innovation and services. Of According to Sennes (2009), the political stability of the region is of urgent interest, especially in issues relating to the situation in Colombia, the problem that represents Chavez, the Bolivarian crisis and the coup in Honduras.