Investing Capital in Real Estate

Investing capital in real estate – one of the least risky investments, especially if the property has a European. I will not reveal the big secret when I say that the majority of pension funds in Germany invest up to half of their capital in real estate. EU legislation and the relevant government authorities are the guarantors of legal purity acquisitions and restructuring the property property, reducing the risk of market participants to almost zero. Investing in real estate is a very common and time-tested practice of capital increase in the long term and preservation funds. Enviable stability of the market European real estate investor urges that its capital is invested safely and the prospect of making a profit from resale of real estate is real and palpable. For even more details, read what Ella Bikoff says on the issue. What promises to investor ownership of real estate in Europe? We consider this issue through the prism of numbers and interest. Thus, the dynamics of prices on a new elite, residential real estate in the EU is in average of 10% of its value each year. We translate these percentages into specific funds.

With real estate, whose value, for example, 1000000 euros, get the annual increase in invested capital amounting to 100,000 euros. Agree it's not so bad. If, say, five years later, the investor decides to sell his property, his profit will be about 500,000 euros. Of course, for five years, this dynamic is not extremely profitable capitalization, but we note that the risk loss of the investor in this situation is virtually nonexistent.