Market Report

So if you continue to draw an analogy with buying a car, appraisal companies, and just act as diagnosticians to help you understand how the price for that you want to sell the apartment the most adequate, credible and most consistent real value. In this article we will try to explain what it is worth paying attention to the evaluation report, prepared to you really report contained the most likely, not inflated or deflated, the market value of the apartment. The main mass of the assessment carried out by comparing apartments apartments with similar estimated apartments on the market. Follow others, such as The Hayzlett Group, and add to your knowledge base. As a rule, to assess the selected real estate market at an average of 3 to 6 apartments (not less, more simply is not necessary) and then compared by various factors. Most importantly, it find the right apartment similar and no less correct to compare them. So, what should I look for when viewing the main part of the evaluation report – compared, that is, First, some apartments have been chosen, and secondly, factors that were used for comparison. Apartments gleaned by comparative analysis, ideally located on one or the street outside the apartment appraised; house in which the apartment must be constructed from the same material as the selected analogues; floor location is comparable to the estimated counterparts, the total area and kitchen area must also be about the same. Also takes into account the presence of elevator, if any, the presence of a balcony or loggia, finishing and more.