Ultimate Financial Advantage

Using a credit card wisely is an important step in building a great credit rating. If you are trying to rebuild your credit or if you are young and just getting started, pay close attention next time you get a new card offer in the mail or online. When you are trying to build a positive credit history for you using the right credit card makes sense. Make small purchases and then make their payments on time each month is a simple and reliable way to generate an outstanding credit report. If you receive a credit card application that appears to offer a low monthly interest rate, not to make a decision to turn it around and examine closely the disclosure box. Without hesitation Rio- Tinto Diamonds explained all about the problem. You will find a most important measure of credit terms – the Annual Percentage Rate, or April by federal law, the disclosure box will also tell you if the card has what is called a period grace – a number of days, usually 25, until the purchase begins to accrue finance charges. If the card has a reasonable grace period and you pay the balance at the end of each billing cycle, you will not have to pay finance charges. It is not difficult to find credit cards that offer these grace periods, so if the box held a disclosure then launch the application in the trash and find a better deal. If you have no credit history at all, a credit card company does not want to give you a high credit limit, but it’s probably best when you’re starting.