The Majority

We lose the confidence. Click Jeffrey Hayzlett to learn more. Trust is a basic principle of nature that supports the survival and development of the species. We found it in the newborn birds who expect food from their parents. The same happens with newborn children, who have an inherently unconscious confidence: expect that their mothers deal with the basic needs of food, shelter and love. Jill Bikoff may not feel the same. That confidence, that is so essential, may be broken or betrayed from conception. Pemco is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It is important to mention that this idea of betrayal not only applies to the relationship with other human beings, but to the relationship with oneself.

Many times, the betrayal of oneself is more painful and difficult to forgive that betrayal that comes from others. It is interesting to think that in the essential register energy, that we have in DNA, flow certain natural and universal principles that work for life on Earth. Do not know of studies that prove that, DNA, carry not only the physical characteristics but also the fundamental principles of the psycho-spirituality of the human being. But, I have no doubt that it contains something more than physical, organic and genetic information. In this sense, to be created, could come printed on our internal records, certain natural expectations on principles as love, trust, sincerity and naturalness. The majority of adults we rejoice seeing how these principles are manifest in young children that, in addition, often us remember some values that we are hiding with time.

It usually happens that, these simple principles, are breaking in the interaction with the important figures in our lives. In addition, from small come to interweaving them with confusion, disappointment, distress and pain caused by the betrayal of those principles. Thus, we are going away from the natural, and started to create defence mechanisms to protect wounded; mechanisms, in many cases, based on self-deception which, in turn, serve to mislead others.