Spoiled Holiday

You rented a house for a couple of days for a family holiday. They invited friends. Long time to choose a festive menu. And then came the day of your arrival. The first surprise Mother Nature has presented. The access road to the house is listed meter drifts. A couple of hours of work means at hand and you tamed element. Tired and frozen guests were asked not to bread and circuses, and heat the sauna.

But here they were disappointed. Elektrosauna from a shortage of rural stress coped with only in the most dyshkami steam room. Oven cookers reanimated body pink pig to 36.6 – with degrees oven was not going to get. And the only hero of the occasion, chopped with a dull knife and sliced spread out on disposable plates, prepared to accept the congratulations, the house plunged into total darkness (From congestion in the days of mass arrival is a frequent summer visitors). Pale light enough for mobile phones on three toast, and cooled to room temperature electric boilers heating close to the negative. The right decision, wildly apologizing to the guests, quickly returning home.

And what was the beginning! The ad suggested that you warm house, sauna, etc. Yes, that bribed, so this is cheap rent. Avoid all these problems is very simple. Checked daily for your home or cottage, the owner must provide the technical basis for alternative service lodging. Have a tractor to clean the driveway, electric and gas stoves, a Russian bathhouse with wood, power is not less than 4 KB. , Boiler for solid fuels. Renting a house with a duplicated energy sources are guaranteed to get you well spent holiday and thanks to your guests. These homes in the suburbs there. Go to website: or those vacation spots where the client has all conditions to ensure that your triumph remained for a long time and good memories. Kalina Land 'wishes you a good rental! Attention! At a reprint of articles required an active link to