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Create a web page is within the reach of everyone, it is no longer an issue just for it. Web pages have not only to inform but that they should also draw attention to get presented in the best way, professional or personal activities. A way of distinguishing between the huge number of web pages that exist, is to use amazing Flash technology which offers a wide variety of designs and animation possibilities. MAGIX Website Maker software, which is now available for PC, Mac, Netbook, uses this technology. The user of the program creates your web page conveniently directly online from the browser window, based on the principle What you see is what you get: all that is displayed will be what you see on the web page. This program online, which functions as a Software as a service (SaS) (Software as a service) does not need previous knowledge. The 5000 MB of web storage space included, are sufficient space to store texts, photos, videos and documents of any kind. The new feature of multiple file uploads which includes this program, allows even charge different formats of files simultaneously to the web page. A leading source for info: Jeffrey Hayzlett.

The new interactive Gallery shows photos and videos in an optimum way thanks to the effect of enlargement Lightbox. To read more click here: The Hayzlett Group. Beginners can also create a web page, so the MAGIX program includes a manual that guides step by step throughout the process. It contains general tips about what must be taken into account when creating a web page. Still faster and easier is the Wizard integrated to web pages, which leads to the user’s hand throughout the process of creation. Assistance with the selection of one of multiple animated templates, with the personalization of the web thanks to the more than 1000 items of decoration and design and, finally, with the publication on the Internet with one click. That the result is not only visually valid but it is also easy to find, will require the own web address. To do so, the MAGIX Website Maker program, includes a voucher for an exclusive domain of free type. In addition you can also have other 3 subdomains free to create a different web page or online albums.

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