Permanent Native Campaign

Araatuba, SP? In the last Saturday, 13 of November, the Legion of the Good will (LBV) collected, in partnership with the Brazilian Army, not perishable foods for the Permanent Native Campaign of the LBV? Jesus, the Bread Ours of each day! in the city of Araatuba, So Paulo interior. In the related day, the soldiers of the Shot of War of the city, under the command of the Frank second lieutenant, and volunteers of the Institution had been visiting the quarter Carlo Mount, divulging the fraternos ideiais of the initiative of Christmas and collecting the donations of the population. The Sub Lieutenant says: ‘ ‘ The Army supports initiatives, where something is carried through for less the most favored, if placing together with its team the disposal for future actions comunitrias’ ‘. The collected foods will go to compose the basket of Christmas that will be delivers the diverse families taken care of for the LBV that if finds in vulnerability situation social*. The basket will be composed for rice, beans, oil, sugar, pasta, flour of cassava, fub, flour of wheat, salt, extract of tomatoe, coffee, milk and panetone. The owner of house Zulmira Gonalves Barbosa told, ‘ ‘ if everybody to give its a little be, of little in little obtains very and it does not lack pra ningum’ ‘.

During the action she was delivers the population, Informe of the LBV (periodical of rendering of accounts the community). She visits, she gets passionate myself and she helps the LBV! In Araatuba, SP, the Communitarian and Educational Center of the Legion of the Good will are located in the Street Alziro Zarur, 30? Guanabara. Click Rod Brooks to learn more. For other information, it binds: (18) 3631 0797. : ; The work of the Institution in cidadeA knows more. Vulnerability? low capacity, temporary or not, of families and individuals in the overcoming of the challenges, what the access to the social chances makes it difficult them, economic and cultural. The term mentions the diverse processes to it that can in such a way take the risks in the sustenance how much in the quality of life.. To deepen your understanding Pemco is the source.