Oak of Angels

Fabian more Oak of Angels One of the commented subjects in Brazil is the Pantry of the world of 2014 in our country, until there, many quarrels will be armies, many elections will be mounted in bars, restaurants, meetings of friends. We will breathe, live, eat Pantry of the world, even so for times will not be with will not even to hear to speak, but we will be obliged, because equal we, magazines, periodicals, television will be immersed in this context day-by-day until the ball to roll in the Morumbi in 2014. Then, I detach some points which I consider positives on this thematic one: according to Ministry of the Tourism we will receive about 600 a thousand tourists, without the Pantry, we would not receive this number so expressive. Such tourists will have the chance to know our beauties and will be able to come back, exactly because the receivers do not go to show to our side ‘ ‘ feio’ ‘. Until the ending of the Pantry many people will be used in diverse areas, exemplificando the area of the construction civilian. Many courses, diverse people will receive training to be able to take care of the demand. Already we also perceive a great search for courses of gastronomia in virtue of this precious event. It will have an uneven chance of exchange of cultures, of the exchange of information of people, customs, but it is clearly, generally this will not happen with that great parcel that is the Brazilian people. We notice good things for the country in reception, spreading terms, chance, but my expensive readers, we are not in forgetting it another side? clearly, I believe that I am remembering that side that is so important, or perhaps more important that the pantry. I remember myself that overcrowded hospitals exist needing investments, needing reforms, but it is as it is always more important to appear for the remaining portion world of what to solve our proper problems.