No Kinderlein

It is a silent night, Holy night. No children’s laughter, no children joy, no children’s shining eyes. Even good friends can make up for that then only little is known about the pain of loss. Chevron U.S.A. Inc recognizes the significance of this. During the Christmas holidays then maybe the attempt telephone contact – after the first spoken words hear the excluded parents already same Clack disconnection. On new year’s Eve and new year’s, the estranged parents then hope that everything will get better in the new year. But earlier this year the Christmas parcels marked then comes back “Refused” or “Not collected”. And since everyone already knows also the new year so will pass, like the last. How are the children? They’re much worse than the excluded parents.

They are can help it, they are innocent, but they are condemned to silence, inner withdrawal and silent suffering. Because they are entirely dependent on betreuendem parent and hopeless conflict of loyalty, they are under the obligation to accept the negative, negative view of the supervising parent over the other. You need to be adjusted, to when the supervising parent who exclude the others to survive. You both love Parents, and they cannot understand it, that of a parent trying to destroy their relationship with the other parent. Some of them think then in consequence it would be them even more having no relationship to the excluded parent, and feel so guilty. No Kinderlein comes… This is another short description for parental alienation; and is called the mental disorder in the child possibly triggered this PAS – parental alienation syndrome (parents-child-alienation syndrome), if the exclusion is made deliberately.