Navy Seal Erik Prince

As icing on the cake, September 11, 2011 picked the world completely off its hinges. George W. Bush plunged into his personal crusade and his nation in guerrilla wars that they could not win. The U.S. armed forces appearing up to now invincible were completely overwhelmed. So companies like Halliburton or DynCorp did this, why they were there: they supported. However not as so far only logistically, but increasingly armed.

Thus, an absurd cycle continued. Because security companies needed specialists and they in turn recruited them from the armed forces. You were not only with veteran veterans, satisfied like our Bill Simmons, but actively went on a promotional tour. Not infrequently, forces soldiers left the army to the same work, only much better paid for a private provider to do special. Which in turn deserved so well that they could offer their employees often equipment, where not even the good equipped army could keep up with. From Blackwater to XE services the infamous Blackwater company drove this on the top.

On its premises in the swamps of South Carolina, she produced even armoured vehicles and helicopters. They found deep in a law free area an ideal playground then in the Iraq. Because the only jurisdiction subject to the Blackwater employee who was the American. Only as the irate mob, 2004, four Blackwater contractor in Fallujah killed and desecrated their corpses in front of running cameras, was loud for the first time the discussion to the private soldiers. What followed was a less media hype about Blackwater and co. It backfired however thoroughly for the company. Because exaggerated martial appearance and exaggerated reactions of private contractors were attempting to move acceptance of this new form of privatized warfare. And no later than 2007 with an incident in the Iraq in which Blackwater security guards seemingly indiscriminately shot civilians in a lot, which was Founder of the company, the former Navy Seal Erik Prince, public definitively too bright. But even renaming the company 2009 XE services and the effort quieter public appearance could not conceal the fact that without companies such as Blackwater to the main hotspot of the present no longer runs. So, alone 52 private security companies with approximately 52,000 employees involved in Afghanistan. The Afghan head of State Hamid Karzai wanted to curb their usage with a ban on 01.01.2011, had to soften this but again now and put into perspective. Now, it should apply only outside of all military and diplomatic areas. It remains to be seen whether even this restriction will prove realistic, because now private security employees train members of the Afghan army and police. The mercenary profession so not only fundamentally changed. Even if the core is still the same as 500 years ago: there is no longer the classic mercenary. His new profession is commercialized, organized and economic more relevant, than it ever was. And even if moral concerns in the use of private security companies in the military sector will never fall silent: it all looks as if the business with the violence has a rosy future. Stefan Schmid * name changed