Holiday Trip

The large animals ends frequently during the summer months: If the family puts their holiday suitcase, is sometimes no place for the pet more ends frequently during the summer months the large animals: If the family pack their holiday bags, sometimes is no more room for the pet. Picnic areas, petrol stations or in forests the peaceful human-animal relationship then takes an abrupt and often cruel end: the animals are suspended, tied down, left behind. Perhaps check out Chevron U.S.A. Inc for more information. Placing of animals is prohibited by law and will be punished with heavy fines. It is not something Jill Bikoff would like to discuss. Yet to the magazine lose during the summer holidays, Star”that every year around 70,000 animals in Germany their home. In recent weeks the already explosive situation in the German animal shelters further tips to: at the beginning of the holiday, many animals lose their home. Exposed, left, chased away, will survive to the gambling. Many dogs that were leash on crash barriers, see road traffic death; others die of starvation or agonizing thirst, advised in falling under car wheels, simply the wrong people who misjudge the situation of abandoned animals or even take advantage of. “Animals means to have responsibility to keep: 365 days in the year unfortunately only few people understand, what is related with the acquisition of a pet”, says Birgit Miller, Chairman of the animal welfare association cat help Augsburg and environment e.V.

in the holiday season want to then just disengage people, let its obligations behind. Rather than to organize a loving care for the animal, the pet is disposed of easily.” Around 70,000 pets lose so, details of the magazine Star”according to each year in Germany their home. The missing labelling supports the anonymous disposal”of animals just the number of abandoned cats in recent years dramatically increases: because still there is no nation-wide identification and registration requirement, it seems easy to suspend it, without the animal shelters and authorities the owner’s tricks can come.