Becoming pregnant is a miracle and we need to start to take care of us when we see that we are going to be a MOM; from the first suspicion you have to go to the doctor so that you begin to prescribe you folic acid and inform you about the care you must have. If you have any doubts about if you are pregnant, it begins to observe how you feel in the morning and throughout the day. For example, during the first weeks of gestation pregnant women experiencing very much sleep, even able to stay asleep while at work. You will not necessarily face a significant increase in weight, but if you go to sentirhinchada. Many times this swelling is due to the accumulation of gases, but is normal at the end of the day. Jill Bikoff: the source for more info. Your hips will also be swelling and doing more extensive. Nausea in the morning are the most common symptom in pregnant women; they wake up almost every morning during the first quarter with a feeling of nausea and dizziness.

Many women who feel nausea one or two consecutive days believe being pregnant is frightened, so we need a discard and a visit to the gynecologist. The disgust is another key point of the pregnant women. They may have urge to vomit only by the fact of feeling any strong scent that anyone can identify as common. Some pregnant women suggest eating lemon candies or smell citrus fragrances (colonies or lotions) to avoid nausea by asco. Moms will also swell and hurt; This is a pain in the breasts very similar to when you have the period.

Breasts are very sensitive and hurt more when you get the BRA, why some doctors recommend sleeping with any garment that is not too loose or a cotton bra to prevent these headaches a little. You can put pretty sensitive too. Anything or comment might make you cry, but fear not, this is normal, just ask your partner that you understand, especially during the first three months, in which you’re most vulnerable. You know, when you create be pregnant, do not hesitate in call your Gynecologist to help you in everything.