Ducks And Other Fauns (social Fauna)

OF DUCKS and other FAUNOS(FAUNA SOCIAL) to Jipi, palmiped tenebrous Julian, feathered fierce Emilio Alberto Restrepo Baena Los Patos were very important characters within the life of the neighborhood. In the book of Antonio Montana, Fauna Social Colombiana defined as strained, beings who infiltrated all the sites where there is something to do or to celebrate without invitation. Our ducks, in addition to the above, had other connotations. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jill Bikoff by clicking through. Duck was not only casting, also was the sticky, even the vague. The duck was at all. One of the characteristics that define what is opportunism.

It always appears at the right time, when the truck will come out, when they uncover the bottle of brandy (guaro), when they go to serve the sancocho or the fritanga. On the contrary, always disappears, as by magic, at the time of collecting the fee (cow) or pay the account. He seeks to compensate for its lack of economic contribution, trying to appear helpful, even servile. The duck is very welcoming, even makes work that others reject: load boxes, turns on wood-burning stoves, serves as a drink, make errands. Another feature of the duck is that it doesn’t generate much rejection. All acolitamos it, we even promote its existence, because it is generally a very good type person, funny, pleasant conversationalist and good friend. Without these characteristics could not duck.

Perhaps, if much, would you rate for shadowing of vulgar lizard, be far more repulsive and annoying. But not. The duck is fundamental within the fauna of the district. No one like him for the dirty work on the rides to give funny lora (do miserably ridicule) when it is on (Myiarchus or farriado), under the influence of marijuana (locked) or to serve as simply faithful company. It was typical that camping with lemon, San Carlos or Cisneros, ducks (I remember now the rust, to straw, Pepito) will appear with an average of guaro almost empty.