Cruz Future

Fifth Letter: it illustrates the past immediate to his consultation. Sixth Letter: it shows the different probabilities that it today has to his reach. Seventh Letter: it clarifies the hopes put in his consultation. Eighth Letter: it indicates the stones that could have in their way preventing him to fulfill their pretensions. Ninth Letter: it shows to his sorrows and fear. Tenth Letter: it is the end of all the distance of letters de la Cruz Celta.

The outcome of all the exposed one. Source: electron research. Distance of Letters in the form of V. It must mix the mallet above, locating the letters mouth of left to right, two in two and above downwards, arriving at the lowest point with the seventh letter. This distance of letters will explain the advance to him of the life, with which it will be able to get to understand why of his to suffer today and what it will offer him the future. The letters will set out in successive form spaces from the past to the future, offering a general conclusion to him of the distance in letter 7.

During three following letters things of the future will begin to reveal. Letter number five, will show to him what will happen distant in the future. to contradict itself with fourth, it means an important change in the facts. The sixth letter, left outside de la Cruz, is the final conclusion to its question. It considers which said the other letters to him, because this will indicate the result of the consultation in the long term. Sun Tarot Friend. tarotamigo. com tarot. Gmail Amigo1 @. it is