Center City

However, through the msticos and/or miraculous events, such myth suffers small modifications from generation in generation in the measure where they go being recounted, but its essence permanece.3.2 LocalizaoSo Jose de Ribamar is the fifth more populous city of the Brazilian State of the Maranho and is the headquarters of one of the four cities that integrate the Island of So Lus. It is placed in the extreme east of the island, of front for the Bay of They are Jose, and dista about 32 kilometers of the maranhense capital. Beyond what, the fifth city more important of the Maranho.Vale is considered to still point out, that in this, meets one of the Main sanctuaries most excellent of the attractive north-nordeste.3.3 tursticosOs attractive tourist of city is perceived in such a way in the natural scope how much in the cultural one, through a humble and hospitable people who survives of the precious artesanato and the local commerce, with emphasis in the commerce fishing boat that is used in the excellent culinria of fruits of the sea. The Beach of Bath is the one that possesss greater access the ribamarense population, had its central localization in the health-resort and for providing a constant programming to the tourist. Other beaches that if detach are: Panaquatira, Cara, Green Tip, Itapari, Juatuba and Boa trip.

One becomes opportune to emphasize, that They are Jose de Ribamar is provided with natural beauties and beaches still repletas of virgin ecosystems. Tourist ones in the city also exist other attractive, but these directed toward the aspects cultural and religious, after all, both have expressividade in the same one sufficiently, being they: the monument Is Jose de Ribamar, the Church of Is Jose de Ribamar, the Grotto of Ours Mrs. Read additional details here: Susan-Wojcicki. of Lourdes, the House of the Miracles, the Museum of the Former-votes, the artesanato store, Center of Culture and Tourism, amongst others.