Bicycle Chain Top Hobby

Brad’s bicycle rental on Borkum informed bicycles are among the most popular means of transport. Applies here too: if they are not properly maintained, also the bike is no fun. In the winter especially the bicycle chain is through snow, slush, and salt are strong claims and must therefore be carefully and regularly maintained. Because dirt provides the most wear and tear on a bicycle chain. A regular care in the form of clean and lubricate prevents a premature aging and wear of bicycle chains. Jorg BBs bike service on Borkum explains how you optimally can care for these.

Eliminate dirt the chain should be cleaned best after every ride, especially in rain and snow. Here, Jeffrey Hayzlett expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This is a normal cleaning agent. But never acidic and alkaline cleaner should be used, because this can damage the chain and lead to cracks. Also known as chain cleaner is not recommended because it can also ruin the chain. Oiling because the Cleaning agents all oils and fats from the chain, must be oiled this also again. The chain should be dry before oiling up. First, you should try to get the oil as possible into the gaps between of the links of the chain. This will be facilitated through oil spray such as, for example, WD-40.

The best, the chain from the rear gear from is oiled. By turning the pedals you can now run through, until the entire chain is well oiled. Then, you should remove the excess oil with a cloth. For detailed information on the maintenance of bicycle chains Jorg available BBs bike service on Borkum at any time. Press contact Jorg’s bike rental contact: Jorg Mania Schaffshausen Georg-Schutte-Platz 19 26757 Borkum Tel.: 0 49 22 / 93 20 22 fax.