Banks React To Higher Interest Rate

The ECB’s rate hike is now proposing through more and more banks on interest rates for savings deposits. Good times for savers of interest. More and more banks respond to the last rate hike from the European Central Bank and in turn raise rates for day and time deposit accounts. Comdirect both Mercedes-Benz Bank increase its interest to 15 July. At comdirect Bank, new customers are paid 5.00 percent on the day money for six months, and up to 30,000 euros as of this day. Check out Rio- Tinto Diamonds for additional information. Existing customers get 4,00 percent for up to 100,000 euros, and after the first six months, as well as for amounts from 30,000 to 100,000 euro new customers also receive 4.00 percent. With this enhanced interest comdirect is again at the top of the day money offers of domestic banks, as investment/tagesgeldvergleich.html can be compared to.

The changes at the Mercedes-Benz Bank are much larger. Day money expands the credit institution by 0.20 percentage points to now 4.00 percent, with this offer for all Amounts without time limit and applies both for new and for existing customers. The deposit, however, the Mercedes-Benz Bank have gas properly. So the deposit for 12 months from July 15, 2008 is with 5.00 instead of how far interest rate at 4.50 percent, at 24 months increases the rate of 4.60 to 5.20 percent and in terms of 36 to 72 months are even 0.80 percentage points to 4.60 percent so far granted out packed and the money of the customers with 5.40 percent interest rate. As you can see compared to festgeldvergleich.html, moves the Mercedes-Benz Bank with this offer at the top of the current fixed deposit offers and can keep up even to foreign banks.