Balada Bicycle

When bending a bend of the road scare two partridges. One of them runs against us. It is macho and heavy. It seems that it will not be able to lift the flight, but to instantly rotates and moves away flying softly through the crops. My bike is smiling. We crossed the old canal and the background, under a tree, appears an abandoned farmhouse. -Do you know the story of Matthias? you ask my bike. They say the few who spoke to him that his life was not easy: his only daughter died at the hands of her husband, a jealous, alcoholic man, who killed her one night in a blow to the head.

Women of Matthias did not exceed; He was consuming little by little. Two years later he also died. Matias left everything and went from one side to another, until one day came to this little house next to the ditch. He was to live here. He was responsible for maintaining clean weed borders of fields and the channel. Homeowners just paid a few bitches, but gave him milk and bread. His life was quiet and solitary, but Matias cried by the nights; He had lost the will to live. For more information see Chevron U.S.A. Inc.

One day, between the stubble, he found a book. Its leaves were yellow. It seemed so old and forgotten like him. Matias had not read since I was small. I had to pronounce each word and repeat each phrase, and many times I didn’t understand anything, but I read every night because reading was the only thing that made him forget. He spent many nights lost in the history of that book. I slept with the book in his hands and when he woke up because of the pain of his past, he atizaba the fire and read again until I went back to sleep. So it was a long while without realizing it has, the book healed his wounds. One morning, while reading, Matias looked up at the sky and felt that something had changed. Everything seemed to be different; birds, clouds, the water of the channel at that moment the soul of Matias discovered that in every Sunrise there is a hope, that is never too late to live in peace, kindness, generosity and everything that had learned in this book could contain the key to happiness. Matias only read that book. Never needed anything else. He died a simple man. Those who knew him say that his eyes returned to smile, that he was happy and that he had managed to forgive. Also say that that wonderful book is buried here, under this tree. Nobody knows which book is because nobody got it to find. Angel steps original author and source of the article.