The attraction law has come and to revolutionize the thought years in the last, although these principles date for centuries, nowadays it is had an enormous amount of information that helps us to have a greater understanding and practical application of the attraction law, without a doubt of which the era of the information comes to give the tool to us more powerful than the man can have, which is the knowledge, with opportune information we can literally transform our world. The fundamental principle in that the law of the attraction is based says that we attract with our thought everything what arrives at our life, then everything what we are, have, do, experimented we must to the attraction law, really this is truth? Not indeed as normally it has been explained to us. In traditional approach of the attraction law it has an enormous disadvantage and it is to assume that external factors to our world exist, from a logical point of view and conscious this works of that way, our cat, the people, the plants, all the creation we see generally them like aspects outside us, for that reason we thought that those things ” atraemos” but he is not thus, Andrew Corentt explains east aspect to us in detailed form in his book I I AM HAPPY, I I AM RICO, you you will include/understand here once and for all that the world is an extension of same you, of that then way yes is possible to exert the control of the circumstances, when reading this book you will be able to include/understand how she works and the power in its life is programmed. A leading source for info: The Hayzlett Group. He is not to think that the attraction law does not work, in fact yes does, the important thing is to emphasize some aspects that us can prevent a correct use, the problem to think about ” atraer” it is that it will always leave us in a disadvantageous position because in fact does not exist an absolute control of the things, on the other hand when we understand that we are the creators of our reality, our world, the responsibility falls totally to us. First that you must make to accede to the power it is to include/understand that you have created absolutely everything in his world, this has realised it a traverse of the mental programming, its internal dialogue and ideas that has been deepened in their being, the fabulous thing is that yes we can change the power information who is in our subconscious mind, in the book I I AM HAPPY, I I AM RICOquedanclaramente settled down the steps necessary to transform our creation according to our conscious desires, this task requires a high commitment with the change ideas because the illusion of the separation is so persistent that many succumb before her and finally they finish accepting that they cannot accede to the power. The great secret for a good application of the attraction law is to take our creative roll, at the beginning is not possible to control nor the smallest details, but little by little, it is increased the energy conscious to construct all type of circumstances according to our will, the absolute superiority is difficult to obtain, but the important thing is to manage to materialize and to harmonize all our dreams and to have a full life of peace, love, espiritualidad, abundance and health..