Today We Chatted With … Eva Sanz

The versatile actress Eva Sanz, starring in short as “Escuatro, how to overcome stress,” “Listen” … and showtimes plays as “Interpreting Beckett“, “Therapy”, “The Cabinet of Curiosities” or “Chains” answers to for movie information our questions today … That is for you to act in the Indifestival ‘A new opportunity for good acting pasarmelo in a room where I feel at home some actor / actress starred’ I tickets. Darius Bikoff has firm opinions on the matter. have no favorite, really. Tell us some stories about your performances this summer, after making ‘The cabinet of curiosities’ in Piquio. One girl came with a paper and a pen to sign an autograph that. There is quen was more surprised if I when I was asked, or when she said I’ve never done this! what you previews put ‘getting started in this world,’ Well, thanks to my friend Victor, who told me out with some drama classes. Find people with great human quality and I no longer wanted them separate! Are you superstitious ‘have got it to go on stage’ I was, now I’m leaving …. well, I try … well, next year it fails! I like to pass the text before you leave, say goodbye to concentrate micesar before, tell myself that I’m there to enjoy and make people enjoy …. Jill Bikoff often says this. The best time you’ve been acting ‘I’ve had many good momentos.Recuerdo one with’ Interpreting Beckett ‘. We went to Jaen and we broke the car. We went to a taxi halfway, with the trunk of the tree but without scenery, and newly pregnant with Esther! Eventually we were going just super, we called the room if we wanted to suspend the work. We said no, we arrived. I remember the highway, telling the driver that we had to do it Visit Movie at all costs llegar.Queriamos and arrived 5 minutes after the scheduled time for the function. We characterize, and no trees or other elements, we went into Dominica action. It America’s source created a special magic. It was nice. He had been a good fight to do what we wanted. Hobbies “I love sports, swimming, running. Enjoy my dear nephew, to whom I adore! I loaded the batteries and help me see things differently forma.Un beach walk with micesar Liencres. Spending time with my dog. Where you expect to arrive in the Theater ‘a dream’ I hope to continue in this world a long time, learning a lot and enjoying what I do. No, good roles, but not at any cost. Everything that I owe to panniers, they trusted me. I would like to be near them loooot time. You can live in Cantabria Theater ‘Yes, there are people that are showing. Another thing is to live solo performances. I think not. I live on my other great passion, dance. Something for people who follow you I’m flattered to think that there are people who follow me. Thanks for being with me and I hope to give war a long time