Guanes Boyaca

In his works he used the stone, the main characteristic of this group. The family is Caribbean, but was still nomadic trend occupied the Atlantic coast. It was essentially a warrior and merchant town. It was these who had the most tenacious resistance to the conquerors. Like their food Chibchas focused on corn. Arwac culture, was located on the east slope of the Cordillera Oriental and the eastern plains of Colombia. Their social organization revolved around the matriarchy and patriarchy.

These villages had a mixed economy: agriculture, harvesting, hunting and fishing. Its architecture surpassed that of previous cultures. URN LID CASTING male representation, linear incisions and excisions circular. Hacienda Angostura, Puerto Serviez, Puerto Boyaca, Boyaca department. 32.2 cm x 26.7 cm S INDIAN ilencioso loser of the carnage. Victim of human carelessness.

Incas, Mayans, Apaches, Iroquois, Chibcha, Caribs, Aztecs, Patagones Motilones, Cheyenne, Taironas, Paez, Guanes, sinuous, Comanches, Guambianos, Nazca, Mochica, Tolima, Calima, Quimbaya, Chimus ……. The Indians do not die, kill them!. And when an Indian dies, dies a millennial thinking. When an Indian dies, dies the garden of a continent. When an Indian dies ….. ….. CGG CONQUEST OF AMERICA When Europeans arrived they found a scattered people. The diversity of languages, customs, religions and geographical location became a disadvantage for the natives faced the invaders. In the conquest the King of Spain had each won the right to create settlements and governing its territory in the mission to convert Indians to Christianity and give a tribute to the crown.

An Image Of The Existence

AN IMAGE OF THE EXISTENCE If the matter can be assigned the epithet of substance. A substance will assign the matter. If the raw material is a pure and indeterminate. Nothing will be known of it, however this does not deny his existence. A measure or matter without form is more known for existence. Why we say that the form is a basic element in this kind of study. Then you will not be first, pure and indeterminate.

Since the former is no longer in his being. And if you speak first, it should discuss first forming unit to form. As you lose the first essence to be pure and indeterminate. Because it is in act and the way that makes it another and determined. Now we can conceive of another kind of existence. Both more knowledge, more unified in their being of unity, because the size and shape make union with matter. I refute myself by saying that the concept of measurement is not necessary, because if has the form already contains a measure.

Thus matter and form may be a single existence. As said one who taught me when to properly use my free time. Just as the soul and body are one, matter and form are one. To conceive the existence of a design is to be each other's existence. The essence is the existence of this unit since joining disfigures imagine them being. It seems more conceivable view it as a unit. Given that unit is as it considers its existence, and it is precisely this that attests to his being.