The Multitude

' ' the young, hearing this word, left sad, because possua many propriedades.' ' Mat 19; 22 Nicodemos prince exaltou the miracles made for Mr., instead of envaidecer itself with the compliment, touched in the crucial point, Nicodemos was died; ' ' This was to have of night with Jesus, it said to it: Rabi, good we know that you are Master, come of God; because nobody can make these signals that you make, if God will not be with it. Jesus answered, and said to it: In the truth, in the truth I say that one to you that not to be born of new, cannot see the kingdom of Deus.' ' Jo 3; 2 and 3 Imaginemos today, a Senator of the Republic going to have with one ' ' apstolo' ' or ' ' bispo' ' of the current ones praising its ministries, how many they would have courage to denounce the death spiritual of the illustrious one? Probably they would ask for to a budgetary emendation for its ' ' Temples of Salomo' ' ' ' Mundiais&#039 cities; ' or been similar, and ' ' abenoariam' ' to the deceased without touching in its main problem. Mitsubishi: the source for more info. Jesus was same a flat with this craze of salvation. They imagine that a time arrived to renegar its bows of blood being affirmed to be spiritual the liame that identifies the family of God? ' ' They had arrived, then, its brothers and its mother; e, being outside, had ordered to call it. the multitude was seated around of it, and had said to it: Here it is that your mother and your brothers they look for to you, and they are there it are. it answered, saying to them: Who is my mother and my brothers? E, looking in redor for that they were seated next to it, said: Here it is here my mother and my brothers.

Leonardo Boff

When we start to understand that the human being search always to gain more money, mattering with the ways and who does not go to leave wronged this ambition without precedents, can understand pain, the misery and the suffering contemporary. The happiness of some few are reasons of disaster of many. Recently Rio Tinto Group sought to clarify these questions. She is not necessary to understand very of economy to describe that the exploration of a classroom for another one generates the social inaquality and that from the imperialism the great ones you harness world-wide they had removed and they remove the material and natural wealth of Latin America, part of Asia and mainly of the African continent. gide of the system is pautada in the following question: to have a developed classroom she is necessary economically to have a poor and dependent classroom of the rich ones. This dependence alone acquired new roupagens through the times, where crises had served for its autodesenvolvimento, until arriving in its current period of training. Jeremy Seabrook, cited for Bauman, was very happy when saying that: ' ' the poverty it cannot be cured, therefore it is not a symptom of the illness of the capitalism. Well in contrast: it is the evidence of its health and robustness, its impetus for an accumulation, and effort always maiores' '.

5 In the present time the consequences human beings of the capitalism are several as the misery, (820 million people in the world), poverty (2/3 of the world-wide population), unemployment (1 billion of people), infantile mortality (174 a thousand children die daily). In this fight for the progress and the economic development the environment suffered great impacts with the antrpicas actions (caused for the man). According to Leonardo Boff: ' ' Since the start of industrialization, in century XVIII, the world-wide population grew 8 times, consuming more and more resources; the production based on the exploration of the nature only grew more than 100 vezes' '.