Planets Project

E what if it discloses now as being the initial stage of sending of a significant amount of people for a planet in the confines of the universe is only one thought, weighed and evaluated part already of the strategical plan of construction of the foundation. In this point if it understands the necessity of that certain parts of the target of the plan must be understood as strict strategical and that the revelation of these to the external public or the operational levels could at risk for the success of all. In another point, later that the one hundred a thousand people already if had more than moved for the determined place, already fifty years had been transferred more than and already it has one born generation of in the planet, with nationality feelings and having that place as its only home, the initial idea of construction of an encyclopedia galaxy goes falling for land and good part of the population is on the areas that do not possess direct bond with the project, perceives a significant change of focus. One understands that timing of management of the project was lost and that changeable external duly they had not been compiled and at least analyzed. The survival of a planet in the distant end of the universe is threatened, and without weapons against invaders, the population could be decimated ruining and taking for land all the half of century used for formularization of what the knowledge source would be the repository of all human being. More ahead, the shock between the agreement, the spirit motivated for the project in itself, and the harshness of spirit is visualized. As many years had been transferred and the universe was if amoldando in accordance with its proper necessities and certainties, the initial project left of to make in such a way very sensible inside of the planet where it was installed, how much for the planets that next to it were, that is, the gradual distanciamento, the lack of one endomarketing and a marketing properly said had directed the efforts to an inevitable route: the conciliation of opposing forces or the abandonment of the plan. . For even more details, read what The Hayzlett Group says on the issue.


Open letter the DEXTEROUS City hall of Caruaru-FOOT/Good afternoon, I would like to know what really the passenger will be made on the company of collective transport BAHIA. a nonsense to travel in a dirty vehicle, old (in the time of manufacture but the lack of he does not leave it to maintenance old), torn armchairs and much more. There he is known that they supply the vehicle with oil diesel and only pass a water without nothing of time in when. Vocs divulges fiscalization, fine, and more, however nothing it happens. Not dumb a new vehicle in nothing the situation of the population that lives in the Boa Vista GARDEN, line garden panorama, Boa Vista 2 and 1, lines of equal names to the one of the quarters. But a vehicle makes the line GARDEN PANORAMA, with intervals of more than one hour, in the line Boa Vista 2 they are 03 vehicles with irregular schedules and overload of work of the operators whom attendance generates plus an item in pssimo. I want to remember the vocs GOVERNMENT that the concession is publishes and exists law and regulation, and that the PEOPLE tires and when this to occur we will enter with civil action publishes against the CITY HALL and the OPERATOR. I only come by means of this to exclamar our indignation. I am thankful if to answer, but that they say flowery truths and words and verbetes to me politicians not to calm the population, it arrives of vocs corporativismo they are there with our vote, they respect our vote and our rights. Rodrigo Barbosa Nephew Popular Movement in favor of the Citizenship and of the Full Rule of law