Original Message

The Foreseen World-wide Chaos in the Bible for the End of the Times Has access aquiPor the Original Message clicando: To patrician It uncontrols It Maeli of the NaturezBom, I find that nor she is necessary to tell the chaos that the humanity lived deeply in 2010, to start for the disaster in Haiti. 2010 entered for history as one of the years most catastrophic in world-wide scale. The succession infinda of natural disasters had marked obligator presence in the televising reporters. Many presenters of telejornais had ahead expressed in air and to the living creature its expectao of the succession of tragedies. Beyond the occurrence in Port Prince, they had been reached the pacific coast of Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico, China, the island of Sumatra, Peru and Indonesia. Parallel, other events, not less important had been followed, as the cloud of grasshoppers in Australia and the eruption of the volcano in the Iceland that stopped the Europe. In Brazil, diluvianas floods had deformed the River of January, and climatic oscillations had taken floods to the Northeast, and the earthquakes (that the scientists guarantee that Brazil never will have) had started if to reveal in Pernambuco and Cear, followed of plagues as H1N1 and affection.

Terespolis, Petrpolis and Nova Friburgo had almost left to exist after one ' ' whirlwind dgua' '. In the U.S.A hurricanes they destroy what they find for the way. 2011? After floodings in Australia and earthquakes in Indonesia in first the two months of the year, we arrive the March with Japan suffering one from the biggest destructions caused for the nature already registered in our history thus the presencia humanity, notice after notice uncontrols, it total of the nature. Earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanos, tsunamis, whirlwinds dgua, plagues are words each time more gifts in our daily one. Now, the question is: what you will make in relation to everything this? You must be if asking now: but, as thus what I will make? Nobody controls the nature, does not have what to make! He will be same? Or it will be that you have ignored which you are the solution to be taking? It knows that the twenty centuries a certain book foresees all these events that today the humanity observes with perplexity.