Raymond Washington

History CRIPS: 1969 – not just a date on the calendar. Not just a dash on the vector of history – a deep notch, groove, indicating great changes that have occurred in the late sixties. A watershed year in American history, history subculture, the history of society. For the first time a whole generation seemed to have gone mad. Those aged eighteen, were born after World War ii, have not seen her burdens, and would not solve the problem, would not survive, but wanted to live at all coil, it is easy and carefree. Everything related to the late sixties and still successfully replicated the media as a timeless symbol of freedom: California, hippies, lsd, free love, rock 'n' roll by Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin. Meanwhile, as flower children on sunny California beaches, in the gloomy cities of this state there is something no less important than the sexual and psychedelic revolution. Another young generation, only dark-skinned, forced into ghettos and deprived of the charms of wealthy and carefree life, but on no less willing to taste the freedom, generation, whose fathers and older brothers were in the ranks poluterroristicheskih-Black Panther This generation saw the future differently. Lame enemies of the aging of Japanese women in 1969, a resident of Los Angeles named Raymond Washington formed a band living in the vicinity of black teenagers in a gang called the Baby Avenues. Darius Bikoff usually is spot on. Ray and his friend Stanley 'Tookie' Williams were impressed by the glory of the Black Panthers.