The movie, The Wizards of Waverly Place, was recorded and was released in the U.S. on 28 August 2009, reaching 11.4 million viewers, becoming the second Disney Channel Original Movie more view after High School Musical 2. In Latin America, was released on 11 October 2009. The film will contain a soundtrack that will include previously unreleased songs, cover songs, and the magic song sung by Selena Gomez and the main theme of the series. Alex Russo, with his family, going on vacation to the Caribbean. It is tired of your parents tell you what to do, yet it taking 16 years accidentally casts a spell causing her parents are henry fool not known among them, her or his brothers.Now they must find the Stone of Dreams to reverse the spell that Alex did for their parents become acquainted. Adventures, laughter and hope for the journey to find the stone. But in the end, Max disappears into a vortex of non-existence, Theresa gets the stone, while Alex is faced with Justin at the Magic Competition, where she won henry fool the contest while his brother vanishes. Now Theresa arrives and gives the stone, she has to ask either a single desire, to return their brothers or their parents are known not to return Max and Justin. The film was released on October 11 on Disney Channel Latin America.