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The 42-teilige video series psychology & Motivationscoaching offers competent and goal-oriented support. Parents, teachers as well as pupils and students get a fair chance, taught important and useful knowledge and learning techniques of psychology to meet here. Now, the consultancy offers the possibility of an individual assortment of videos, to guarantee optimal flexibility. The instructional videos can be ordered as single videos, in the form of thematically sorted group videos, as well as a total package. Target groups, this total 42-teilige teaching video series is ideally suited for the, are mainly involved parents, open-minded teachers, as well as everyone interested in education who want to acquire a solid and easy to understand basic knowledge in the thematic field of psychology and Motivationscoaching in the self-study.

“The current video series psychology and Motivationscoaching” is a broad and representative range of important and proven methods. successfully applied in the context of psychologically motivated coaching in the field of education and training. Thematically, the range includes inter alia the following areas: background information, practical tips, self-assessment, concentration & motivation, language, thinking & learning, NLP, intelligence & life energy. Each topic group consists of about five to seven individual videos, which can be studied both individually and in combination. The complete package consists of 42 instructional videos with a total of more than six hours. Detailed information about the contents and instructions for the ordering options can be found in below link: Strukturierte_Themenliste_Lehrvideos.pdf developed this new video series from Mr Aribert Bohme, psychological consultant (SGD-Dipl.) & DV-kfm & computer teacher & author, who has successfully worked for many years in education in different functions.

Last but not least is a deliberately interdisciplinary structure at the diverse knowledge special feature of this video series different disciplines (psychology, brain research, memory training, school psychology concentration training, Elterncoaching, and so on) are connected into one harmonious whole. Due to the deliberately simple language which Mr Aribert Bohme used as author and lecturer in the implementation of this teaching video series, which presupposes also no specific prior knowledge, this total 42-teilige teaching video series suitable for self-study.