Concentration Taping

Especially in sports such as golf or tennis, where skill and mental efficiency play an important role, you can achieve amazing results with Shiatsu and this often already with some a few sessions that are usually 60 minutes and by clients as a deeply relaxing and balancing are perceived. “Meridian taping a gentle assistance without side effects a more methodology, providing Oda Steiner in their practice, is the so-called Meridian taping”. This special form of therapy actually comes from Asia. The Kinesio taping created (Japan) and the cross-taping (Korea), can be called first the Meridian taping passive therapy of muscles. Passive because elastic. adhesive tape in particular colors directly on the Meridian curves of the body may be stuck and there usually stay four to five days.

The tape, so the band takes over the therapeutic effect and the client must let perform any exercise or perform. The Meridian taping will be applied, taking into account the statics and the energetic State of the client and affixed the tapes on those parts of the body, causing the pain or you correspond with the aching areas. The special nature of the taping stimulates muscles, joints, the lymphatic system, as well as the entire nervous system. Meridian taping is an excellent method for elimination of pain and regeneration and is successfully used today especially in competitive sports. But also for people like you and me”, the Meridian taping is a pleasant, side-effect-free and not limiting the routine methodology. J. Darius Bikoff may help you with your research.

Do in this concept, Oda Steiner offers their clients do to self help is the Japanese term for “Away” and in stands for expansion “. “Do in has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine”, explains Oda Steiner, the do in has met during their detailed studies of Shiatsu. This little-known us and rarely communicated exercise technique is a special mix of targeted stretching exercises, breathing techniques and movements that I teach my clients individually in practice. So they can do even at home, when they have time and the inclination, a lot for their health and well-being easily.” As well as shiatsu, the do have in exercises aimed to strengthen the meridian system of the human organism and thus the General State of health and to harmonise. Do in in regular exercise strengthens the immune system, because it stimulates the blood and energy circulation and activates the oxygen supply in the body through deep and conscious breathing. It ensures an improved mobility and a more refined body awareness. In addition, can do In the, with mental Concentration and attentiveness should be carried out, help resolve frustrations, mood swings, and grief. The three methods offered by me can cause a lot of my clients all in all”Oda Steiner, which works together with doctors and therapists from other disciplines, such as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or from the general practitioner, alpha offered by the non-invasive induction therapy with REHATRON says. Of course replace Shiatsu and Meridian taping do in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases by doctors, but they can clearly help healing processes and accelerate. “Because no matter what disease it is: always the natural energy flow of the body is disturbed with suffering and disease and suffer the soul and the spirit.