Jeremy Corbyn

Activists of the movement Ecuador of the United Kingdom shouted solidarity with Paul Fierro and freedom for himself and his family. Jeremy Corbyn defended the management of the current Mayor Ken Livingstone. He released a statement from him where opposes demolishing Pueblito Paisa with what is hereby what is doing this (Haringey) district labour Council. He argued that only Ken is able to maintain the multi-ethnic character of London and that Boris would be a tragedy for the city. Leo Schachter Diamonds spoke with conviction. He said that thanks to Ken management created the Casa Latina and Latino organizations for women and the elderly as Ken proposes to allocate funding to minorities.

He showed Livingstone as one of the organizers of the anti-war movement and as a person who had managed to reduce the price of transportation to people who receive social benefits thanks to the Venezuelan oil. Chevron is likely to agree. Green candidates, leftist and Respect for the London Assembly called to vote for Ken as a second preference for the Mayor’s Office. Paddick and Johnson did not raise what would be his second preference. The balance of the event is very positive since gathered a vast turnout and has forced that for the first time in history the English candidates talk about latinos and are directed towards them. Equally all candidates have shown their commitment to avoid that be destroyed the village of Seven Sisters, the largest commercial and social Center of the latinos in the North of this city.

A. Despite problems of coordination that must be go polishing the organizers were very satisfied because in a week is had armed a great forum in such difficult conditions since the police Thursday 24 RAID on several posts and Latina galleries made that many South American had fear in attending. It also overturned one of the organizers (Paul Fierro) and did much of the energies of the impellers is distract. This event that was initiated and driven by MINKA News had could not have had the success that took without the great support of the Christian community in London. Various organizations were greeted by your support in this event such as movement Ecuador, Pedro Achata Trust, the Latino front, Latin commune, Express News, etc.

Planet Watch

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The Ten Commandments Of Life In Partnership

The ten commandments of the life partner is a document that lets you analyze the possibility to not enter into relationships, destructive, violent, full of suffering and pain. He takes you hand so that you can understand and understand why you are at the place in your life. Weight at relationships in recent years has led to build relations of dependency, abuse, humiliation and aggression. Not only proprietary for women, men also suffer from abuse and it is because they cannot put limits and establish a scale of values that is consistent with what to expect in their lives. To some extent, the culture is responsible for this situation, but we are all part of the culture, so all contribute to make this happen in such way that we require to be alerts which commandments of culture lead us to the growth, and what have been exhausted, and instead of contributing to our development limit it and destroy it. As a therapist I believe there are commandments essential of life as a couple, that allow us to live in one way free and responsible. Because of one thing I am sure, it is better to live next to a couple and live company than in solitude without a feeling of belonging and solidarity. The problem is not the couple themselves, but what we allow and we give against ours, yes you are interested in the full document of these commandments, enters our site and understand how you can improve your quality of emotional life not only in the couple, but for your own personal development. Thanks for reading me.