Canada Gold Trust Starts With Its Own

Financing of benefit rights. wholly owned gold hedging of deposit Konstanz, 03.12.2013. “The specialist for gold mining in Canada, the Canada Fund gold trust includes currently its value chain through the establishment of an own Goldveredlers”. This will be advised by the Aurora precious metals group (APM). APM is a Dubai-based distributor of gold, silver and other precious metals and has intensive trade relations with international suppliers, mines, large trading houses, refiners and consumers. Dubai, which is one of the most important trade places for gold in the world. According to a study by the Dubai multi commodity Centre for the Chamber of Commerce in Dubai 16 per cent of the global gold trade in Dubai were handled 2011 already. To do this, the company hung up on profit participation rights, that flows to one hundred percent of the subsidiary of the issuer, the Canada gold trust opportunities GmbH.

For the safety of investors the total amount is secured in turn fully with physical gold. More Security can currently offer no one”, says Peter Prasch as Managing Director of the group. It goes without saying that the gold stocks are kept charged appropriately. Together with APM to gold and other precious metals in future evaluate, purchase and trade and finance projects that are related to the refining of the gold. This includes also to implement raw gold to commercially available gold at Dubai’s existing refineries and in turn to sell this to the stated gold price fixing with corresponding service fee. From the operating business the profit participation rights at eight percent per year should be remunerated, participation is possible this from 5,000 euros a share premium of 3 percent. A first-time cancellation possibility already to the 31.12.2014.

Then the participation may be, terminated every year which represents an absolute innovation. Investors will enable thus, very flexible to react against the backdrop of a Niedrigszinsumfeldes. Participation in the Canada gold Trust opportunities GmbH is therefore extremely flexible, the investment rate can be classified as exemplary. The planned target volume is 12 million euros.