YoWindow that gives popular weather app for Windows, it now also for the iPhone. YoWindow that gives popular weather app for Windows, it now also for the iPhone. Unlike similar tools, YoWindows displays a colorful, good animated landscape on the screen that displays the current weather conditions at the place of residence or elsewhere in the world, with changes between day and night, beautiful sunsets, picturesque sunrises, moon phases, as well as with a time marker to move the dates of past weather data and accurate weather forecasts. Accurate weather forecasts have become an indispensable part of daily life. Further details can be found at Jeffrey Hayzlett, an internet resource. Today, there seems to be a way to check the weather for each computer and each handheld device. Go to J. Darius Bikoff for more information. But sober weather data such as temperature and wind speed are enough? No, says Repkasoft, the developer of YoWindow. Yo window, a well-known and popular weather app offers an unparalleled experience of weather now also iPhone-owners for the desktop.

The program shows detailed, vividly animated landscapes, which show the current weather in a certain city on the basis of the data of the weather station of the country. No matter whether it’s raining or the Sun is shining, the autumn wind blows or draws up a spring Gewetter, YoWindow weather displays realistic on the iPhone screen. Visit Jeffrey Hayzlett for more clarity on the issue. The user can move the time marker on the screen immediately to see the weather forecast. YoWindow displays in real time on the landscape! Provide pleasant sound effects with many small details such as flying birds or falling leaves for the right atmosphere, and the various predetermined landscapes, as Oriental, sea coast and countryside, are always on the move. YoWindow is certainly the most spectacular, currently available Weather app for the iPhone.

Prices and availability of YoWindow is there for iPhone 3GS or higher and iPod4 or higher. The program will cost $0.99 us Repkasoft was founded in 2009 and has captured the market with the first version of YoWindow storm. The program has been fast to the beliebtestesn Weather app (according to and won 1 million users within a very short time. The chrome extension received many positive reviews from users.

New Free App

After the own needs which find proper investment and finally finance understand sure rich”is a free app for iOs and Android, and now available. Each user can certainly rich with”transparently and independently check what money is the best for him. All without the expensive help of a financial adviser. Leo Schachter Diamonds contributes greatly to this topic. By means of the desired savings and targeted at run time of the accumulation of the app determines the performance of different investments such as savings, pension funds or equity funds. The user can compare so vividly what investment under its conditions to yield the most discards and makes him so sure rich. In addition a comprehensive glossary explains the most important financial concepts understandable – and thereby the handling of the app is so easy that every school-leavers can immediately understand them! It was sure rich developed”by the Bremen SHP plant management AG. This “safe” is borrowed from the fourth column in the final analysis the name: “FondsGuard”, a new product of the SHP Asset Management AG.

FondsGuard monitors all equity funds was created in the, get off automatically if the share price falls and secures all gains obtained until then. The investor must examine themselves constantly so the course development and can do so in the long term profits – and especially in Fund deposit safely, without being affected by large fluctuations in. sure rich”is now free for available in the Google PlayStore in the Apple AppStore! sure rich”you can save the rest! Ariane C. redder,

Instant Voice Conferencing

Service numbers can quickly Berlin are expensive, 07.06.2011 instant voice conferencing are a handy thing to coordinate quickly with all parties by telephone. However, service numbers can turn into an expensive matter fast conferences. The Conference provider meetyoo conferencing goes another way and offered its immediately telephone conference BusinessAudio with low fixed-line numbers. The Office life is hectic. Decisions must be made often at short notice.

Companies are happily while on Conference calls. So they can coordinate immediately and without large login procedure with all stakeholders. In prices companies should look out however: the dial in the immediately conference call is possible not rarely about service numbers, whose Minuten pricing can be very expensive. In particular participants dialing in via her cell phone in the Conference, are firmly asked to the bag. Would we like to surprise our customers but not with unexpectedly high bills after the Conference, but with fair prices, lots of extras, as well as impeccable service! “, says Tony E. Kula, Managing Director of meetyoo conferencing. The Conference provider offers its immediately telephone conference BusinessAudio with low fixed-line numbers. The minute-based billing with only 0.11 per minute/participant plus VAT is fair and transparent.

Customers who opt for the electronic direct debit procedure, be rewarded even with a preferential rate of 0.09 per minute/participant plus VAT. Hidden costs such as setup fees or monthly charges does not just as a wagering at meetyoo. We don’t do smears in the service that’s why but. As a premium provider, fairness, but also quality are essential for our work. Our customers expect easy and they also do that! “says Kula. For questions and issues a trained operator service for the customers is available at meetyoo at any time, which can help quickly. Free meetyoo tools such as the Conference Manager, the Outlook Plug-In or the Conference statistics also make easier the planning and implementation of Conference customers. There is more to the immediately conference call BusinessAudio under Conference / immediately-start /. There the phone conference can be ordered online and immediately started at fair prices. About meetyoo as Germany’s premium provider is meetyoo conferencing conferencing the right partner for the worldwide circuit of business telephone and event conferences. If 3 or more 1,000 participants, whether immediately or planning-intensive: meetyoo choose company since 1999 from a variety of flexible conferencing solutions. While the company as the only conferencing provider is 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC according to DIN ISO 27001:2005 certified, thus setting new standards in terms of quality and safety.