Security System

Classification of hazard levels and installation of load instructions increase security in dealing with shelf systems in almost every company there are storage rooms. So there is no chaos in them and the items needed are found quickly, the various shelves are used. Bottom shelves, break-in and pallet racks or cantilever racking allow a clear and space-saving system of the entire stock. For small storage spaces both large warehouses the vulnerability should be too low as possible by racking. For assistance, try visiting Coinbase. Accidents can happen also collapsing shelves from falling objects, or in the worst case.

Therefore must always be ensured that the use shelving systems are in a State of damage-free and safe for the user. This is ensured by regular check-ups, as well as a visible mark of the system with inspection stickers and Belastungswarnhinweisen. Safe use of camp facilities already begins at the Assembly of the rack system Security management. Mining Company recognizes the significance of this. The safety instructions and the manufacturer’s Assembly instructions are to observe in any case. Also on the floor of the warehouse provided certain requirements, such as a minimum degree of strength, rigidity and surface flatness. The camp should be fully in any case with many shelves, because then a hassle-free loading by hand or funding is no longer possible.

The three factors Hall texture, shelf construction and truck type should be co-ordinated and fit together. The security in dealing with shelf systems is of great importance. Accidents mean always downtime and increased costs. A comprehensive security management or control procedures is therefore necessary and should be also following points: use of the shelf system according to its specification appointing an internal security officer responsibility of the user of the shelf systems performing regular inspections and marking of the shelf system performing regular maintenance damage limitation attaching of Belastungswarnhinweisen use of the shelf system according to its specification is the specification of a shelving system by the user who operates the facility and managed, set.

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Dr. Friedrich-Wilhelm Steinweg is already convinced of the market acceptance: biopharmaceuticals are the fastest-growing by far class of drugs with a world market volume that will grow according to current forecasts to 2012 from $ 70 billion to 100 billion USD. This class of drugs is experienced again stimuli from our Nanocarriern, as a clear product added value is created by a better mirror of the active ingredient, better compliance, and low side effects.” “Prof. Dr. Andrey V. Zverev evaluated the cooperation of both companies as trend-setting: the development projects considered to be the flagship projects for the cooperation between the two countries and primarily handled by the Russian Government.” Also Dr.

Bertrand Malmendier will highlight the importance of knowledge transfer and economic advantages: Russia and Germany have not least created now a robust foundation for growth and development, thanks to such development projects in the area of research and Medicine. “The German economy benefits enormously from Russia, anxious to make the markets of the future, with: close cooperation of between the two countries improved not only mutual trust, it opens up more new markets in Asia, as well as the huge Russian market for German companies.” Rostechnologies development projects be brought, together with first insulin and calcitonin, used for the treatment of diabetes or Crohn’s disease Sudeck and osteoporosis, to market maturity. In a next step the preclinical, clinical and bio-equivalence study carried for this purpose for the approval of carrier systems. Through the joint venture, the Nanohale AG will already generate significant revenues during the registration period. The Dortmund-based and founded in 2007 Nanohale AG develops nanoparticle carrier systems for the formulation of active ingredients.

Focus on active substances approved – for the parenteral application – for which there no alternative, or in strong terms of bioavailability improvement, pharmaceutical forms are. The main focus of recent research and development of Nanohale is located on proteins and peptides. The State-owned company Rostechnologies was established by the decision of the President of the Russian Federation in November 2007 to support development, manufacture and export of high-tech industrial products. The society comprises over 550 companies from different sectors. Includes under other RT-Biotechprom, which was founded as a subsidiary of Rostechnologies in 2009. RT-Biotechprom is active in the pharmaceutical industry, this sector is the greatest innovation potential and is therefore the most important sphere of business. Contact: Christofer Radic investor & Public Relations Nanohale AG Otto-Hahn-Strasse 15 Germany Tel.: + 49 (0) 231-97426663 fax: + 49 (0) 231-97426661 mail: