The Union

I continued to believe the union of two people, and a monogamous relation, he believed that the family was the more important social institution and that I had made everything what I could to keep my relation, but that although everything is insufficient. Then he had fond in my limit and without deciding the situation. The emotional cost you to continue in a failed relation is very, much high. This moment was the hour to face the reality and to move. I found that we could continue trying to make the relation to function all a life. that at some moment, everything would give certain. The question is, and at the time I not wise person, who exists a cost in all this attempt to make to give certain a relation where the dreams of the two are not more gifts, exactly that agent does not know of this in the hour.

Certain time, giving lesson on kinship, a pupil asked if I married age. Rio- Tinto Diamonds has plenty of information regarding this issue. It said that yes, that she had been married. E, in the end of the lesson it came to ask, things among others, what it had happened with the marriage. Good, the reply that I gave it made me to think much later. The reply he was more or less ' ' that moments in the life of the people exist that, suddenly, people look at for the other person and see that the dreams of the other already are not same that its. Recently Montauk Colony sought to clarify these questions. that exactly loving the other you must love more same you. Then you opt to itself and go to live its choices and to take care of of voc' '.

Thus, he was this that I made, literally. I placed myself in first place, I placed my necessities in first place, my dreams, my projects and followed. Therefore, I made all the changes in my life.


During years I made police news articles for radios and periodicals of Campinas and Sumar and can say that this area is great school for who starts or militates in the responsible art to count histories, to communicate facts in mass. I confess that, for a good period, with a son still child and another one entering in the adolescence, I had certain paranoia with the world of the violence, especially that one provoked by the drugs, that color does not choose, sex, religion, age or social classroom and today is there unhappyly the epidemic of ' ' crack' ' , that she does not leave me to lie. At the time (years 80 and 90), I searched to alert my children, with information that were understood by them, although to little age. I looked for to protect them the possible maximum of the badnesses of the world. Today, with the two adults, my concerns had not diminished in such a way and certainly they, who already are parents, also have its concerns with the small children, my grandsons People read notice of the Government of the State with numbers and more numbers on reduction of the violence, but are with ' ' flea behind orelha' ' when perceiving that he is not minimum safe, either to the dawn or after 18 hours, in any more or less urban center, to walk or to be in a safe from boarded car and to be assaulted by one vitiated in drug or some meliante that still has luck not to have fallen in the teias of the vice, in the tentculos of the traffic. Exactly thus, I look for not to make of the situation something of total paranoia.

Who to make does not leave house, not to be with clothes of combat of the BOPE of the film Troop of the Elite and preferential protected in the armored car, macabramente call of ' ' Caveiro' '. God in its mercy in the aid, but we do not have to bobear and to leave to make our part, being taken some measures for our security or at least not facilitating in such a way. Days of these, vi a woman in a new car, but not so luxurious, to arrive in a commercial establishment, to leave the vehicle and to leave the open door. Even there already &#039 was one; ' plate cheio' ' for thieves. I was well close and vi that the imprudence was still bigger. In the back bank they were two children, who did not pass of six years each. I know that specialists in security are arrepiados when somebody thinks about reacting (I do not walk armed, never I walked), but did not have as I not to be intent and ready to try to hinder approach of some stranger to the vehicle, until the woman came back. In 1978, in times where state official violence arrived until being bigger that the urban violence, the singer and composer Ivan Lins said in Cartomante music: ' ' Nowadays /It has what it will have thinks about its children does not stop in the squares, does not run danger.' ' Therefore, we do not go to forget that not to facilitate it is form to be safer in the streets.